Shotguns might not be your cup of tea when it comes to CoD’s zombie mode because it requires you to go face to face with ravenous zombies all the time.

However, if you are running the best shotgun class for zombies in Vanguard, you will know why it is the best weapon to build.

In this guide, you will learn the best shotgun class for zombies in CoD: Vanguard and show you why it is the king of all weapon builds.

Are Shotguns Good in Zombies?

Shotguns are highly overpowered in Vanguard. They have the most damage output from all the weapons, and the most overpowered covenants complement them.

From rounds 1 to 19, you will be able to clean out zombies in a single shot to the head. In the earlier rounds, you can even kill them without hitting the head even if they are far away.

The Pack-A-Punch upgrade is usually recommended on your current shotgun class. Getting a shotgun from the mystery box will just bring you frustration and the attachments aren’t even perfect.

Shotguns are the king for Call of Duty: Vanguard. SMGs, ARs, and LMGs lack the firepower and sustainability to clear hordes when things get harder.

All Shotguns in Vanguard

Einhorn Revolving

Einhorn Revolving is arguably the best shotgun for CoD Zombies. It is a semi-automatic shotgun with a recoil that is easier to control than the Gracey Auto while rivaling the damage of the Combat Shotgun (pump-action).

Combat Shotgun

Combat Shotgun is the strongest shotgun in terms of damage output. However, DPS or (damage per second) is another thing. With the lower fire rate, the Combat Shotgun banks on hitting critical hits and repositioning with every shot.

Gracey Auto

Gracey Auto has an insane rate of fire, but it makes it impossible to control to make all the shots hit. It shreds through regular zombies, but when it comes to rounds past 20, you will have to get critical hits to defeat these normal zombies.

Double Barrel

Double Barrel has the highest burst, but it will constantly need reloading. There are other ways you can make this build work by combining covenants and getting the best perks.

Best Shotguns to Use for Zombies

Einhorn Revolving is personally my go-to shotgun. It can get you through round 40 solo and maybe even more for those players who play better than me. I am strictly a casual zombie player who just wants to know what’s new and different while playing with friends.

The playstyle for the Einhorn Revolving is almost the same as the Combat Shotgun. You will need to ADS (aim down sights) in the higher rounds to carefully hit your targets on the head. Even if the Einhorn Revolving is a semi-automatic shotgun, you will need to control the recoil when killing Sturmkriegers.

When you are getting overwhelmed by zombies, you have the option to unload your whole magazine just to thin out the horde.

The best covenants to use will be Death Blow and Ammo Gremlin. This combination gives you an unlimited supply of ammo. Not only does it provide you with ammo, it essentially puts rounds into your current magazine.

As long as you do not trigger the reload, you will just keep shooting until your enemies are dead.

The Combat Shotgun does the same thing but is focused more on hit-and-run gameplay. You cannot just unload your whole magazine like the Einhorn Revolving or Gracey Auto.

Every shot requires precision, and if you run this gun over the Einhorn Revolving, combining Death Blow and Ammo Gremlin is overkill in resupplying your ammo.

You will be able to run the best covenants in CoD Vanguard Zombies that focus on damage output rather than utility. Covenant combinations like Cryofreeze + Cull the Weak or Splatterfest and Mother Lode are all viable options.

Tips for the Shotgun Class

Always check your minimap

This tip is by far the best one you need to follow. After running hours and hours of zombie matches, the zombie spawn areas are quite consistent.

When you look at your minimap, hordes usually show up in two directions. If you are able to pinpoint where the zombies will be spawning for the next 30 seconds, you can easily position yourself to look in that general area without worrying about getting attacked from behind.

A quick glance at the minimap can help you find a safe path to run. Since you are using a shotgun, you will always need a way out if you cannot deal with the incoming horde alone.

If they are about to pincer you from two angles, run forward and clear a path for yourself.

Keep running or hold an area where zombies need to climb to reach you

Around round 15 and above, zombies will be insanely quick (still dumb though). They can close the distance in a second and shred your armor plates until you are a piece of meat.

If you hold areas where they need to climb before they can hit you, it does not matter how fast these zombies are. They will still have to climb over the obstacle before they can hit you. You will have a huge opening at their heads before they can climb up.

Rip them to pieces and conserve your ammo. Even with the Ammo Gremlin and Death Blow covenant, you will still need to conserve ammo past round 40. While the zombie’s health pool does not grow exponentially at this point, their spawn rates will continue to grow.

You might even experience game crashes past round 50 because of how fast zombies spawn at this point.

Always carry a Decoy Grenade or a Monkey Bomb

Since zombies will start to hurt really bad in the higher rounds, carrying a Decoy Grenade is mandatory for all players. It allows your team to complete objectives because the horde will never get thinned out.

Getting Runestones in harvest stages will be the hardest one. Decoys are always needed before depositing your Runestones in a Sin Eater. You do not want to get stuck depositing while every area is in chaos.

Check your armor plates

Before doing anything risky such as depositing Runestones, pushing for a powerup, or reviving a teammate, check your armor plates.

Past round 20, zombies will be able to two-shot you if you do not have any armor plates remaining. Things will get hard fast and you do not want to go down and give your team another problem.

Avoid doing risky plays without armor plates. If you have no choice, use Decoy Grenades or Monkey Bombs first.

Final Thoughts

The beauty of Call of Duty’s game modes is that you always want to experiment around new weapons. While shotguns are extremely powerful, it can get boring once you play the build a couple of times.

This shotgun class build should guarantee you to reach at least round 20 mindlessly. Feel free to explore other builds especially in other game modes. The meta is a lot different when it comes to Vanguard’s multiplayer. The best Combat Shotgun class setup is a lot different from the Combat Shotgun in zombies.