After a botched car robbery mission, V (Cyberpunk 2077 streetkid protagonist) meets Jackie Welles, a local gun-for-hire who takes a liking to our hero. After six months of running small missions, you get a big job from Wakako Okada.

The fixer (NPS who assigns missions) gets news of a client who is in danger and informs Welles and V about the situation and initiates a rescue mission. The data suggests scavenger activity and you will have a choice to stealth or fight your way through a series of rooms to try and locate and save Sandra Dorsett. This mission sets you up for the rest of the game and it is crucial that you get it right.

Once you enter the building, take the elevator up the stairs. You reach a door that you hack through. This serves as a tutorial for your hacking potential and how, with some guile, you can access many restricted locations in the futuristic Cyberpunk 2077 world.

Once you enter the highlighted apartment, you are introduced to loot system in Cyberpunk 2077. This is crucial, especially playing the streetkid lifepath as you can quickly get upgrades and improve your basic pistol by using the crafting feature of the game.

In the room inside, you find a body on a table. On examining this badly mutilated corpse, you find out that this is not the target. This sets you up to enter the room beyond.

Stealth Is Key

Here, you encounter your first armed scavenger. Perform a silent takedown by crouching and sneaking up behind him. Then grab him and choose the ‘Kill and hide the body’ option. After the body is hidden, head towards the door on the right.

Beyond the doorway, you encounter two more scavengers aka Cabarones. Here, you are updated on your mission briefs that you can either be stealthy or shoot your way through. Hide on either side of the wall and wait for them to pass by. Perform a stealthy takedown on one of the scavengers and Welles will take out the other.

cyberpunk 2077 stealth

Remember to hide immediately after the takedown if you want to remain undetected through the mission. When you head back towards the wall you were hiding behind, you discover three other scavengers who will get alerted if you run back after performing the stealth double kill. So, crouch walk towards the wall again, and take out the guard facing away. Now sneak towards the guy on the left looking out the window. As you take him out, Welles will take out the third guard clearing your way for the rest of the mission.

Rescue Sarah Dorsett

Walk past the gun turret and you will find a blue door on the right, before you reach for the door, access the computers. Here, you can read some interesting tidbits about the city and possibly understand the game a little better. The extensive campaign is just starting out and you can use a little bit of backstory.

cyberpunk 2077 rescue

Head into the door and you will discover a bathtub with two bodies. Inform T-Bug (a robot that guides you through missions) of the developments and dredge out the female body from the tub and check for a heartbeat. Now try and resuscitate her with an injection and you will find out that her system has already alerted the medivac team (futuristic healthcare perks) and that a team is on the way and will reach your location in 180 seconds.

cyberpunk 2077 trauma team

Carry the body and head towards the balcony. Here, wait for the Trauma Team to arrive. The aircraft will deploy the team who will then ask you to place the body on a stretcher. After this, they carry her off. Regroup with Welles and head towards the elevator to earn your rewards for the completed mission. You earn street cred and some cash which will come in handy when you are looking to upgrade your weapons.