Getting the Flathead bot into the vents and to the dweller on the Netrunner chair is a crucial portion of The Heist mission in Cyberpunk 2077. It might prove tricky as there are many areas of the rooms to explore. As T-Bug guides you through the various suites in the hotel, you might be confused about the location of the vents or how to navigate past obstacles, all while viewing the scene through CCTV. This part of the mission is very similar to certain parts of the Information Job mission you completed earlier.

This guide will detail every step you will have to take to make sure that the Flathead bot reaches the dweller quickly through the vents and neutralizes the target to progress with one of the most gripping missions in the game.

Find the Vent in Your Room

When you reach your room, Jackie pulls out the flathead to get you started on the mission. To get the Flathead into the hotel vents and locate the dweller, you will have to navigate through a series of suites while discovering more about the layout and the risks involved in the mission.

the heist cyberpunk flathead vent

To locate the entry point for the Flathead in your room, look to the left corner with the rectangular light, below the painting on the wall. When you scan the wall, you will notice a square opening for the vent. This will serve as the opening for the Flathead to start the breach of the hotel’s security system in a bid to locate the dweller.

Take Control of the CCTV

flathead guide the heist cyberpunk 2077

After the Flathead is in the vents, T-Bug asks you to take the control shroud from Jackie to access the CCTV cameras in the hotel that have been remotely breached. Once you plug the shroud in, you have access to all the cameras in the suites and can switch between them.

cyberpunk 2077 flathead guide 2

When looking at a suite through the CCTV, you will notice the suite number displayed at the top right. V and Jackie are in 42 Lapis Lazuli Suite. Using the LB/L1 button on consoles or the designated key on PC, navigate to 45 Sunstone suite with the businessmen.

Find the Vent in Suite 45

Once you reach suite 45, the Flathead emerges at the bottom left corner of your screen. T-Bug asks you to find another vent that will lead you to the security room. For this, you will have to scan a lot of areas to locate the well-hidden vent. Worry not, we have you covered.

cyberpunk suite 45 flathead

Look for the bodyguard standing on the far right corner of the frame. You easily spot him as he is only one of two bodyguards and he is the one facing the camera. Once you locate him, scan the area above his head, right below the ceiling. You will find the vent there. Tag the opening and the Flathead will crawl up the ceiling and head into the vent, progressing through the hotel in search of the dweller.

Find Alternate Route in Suite 46

As the flathead enters suite 46, you see housekeeping blocking the vent on the far left corner of the room. T-Bug asks you to find an alternate route that leads to the shaft to access the security room. Look at the terrarium on the wall (a huge glass display with plants in it). Focus the scanner on the far bottom right of the terrarium. You will find a suitcase like object highlighted that you could see before.

cyberpunk 2077 flathead suite 46

Scan it and you find out that it is a peripheral that controls the temperature and humidity inside the tank. Now mark this unit and this will trigger the flathead to zero in and use this thermostat to reduce the temperature in the terrarium. Once the terrarium turns blue, the housekeepers will get distracted and make a beeline to the display unit to investigate. Use this time to send the flathead towards the grate on the far bottom left corner of the room. It makes short work of hacking into the grate and making and entry into the main ventilation shaft of the hotel.

cyberpunk suite 46 flathead 2

Navigate Into the Security Room

Quickly pass through the dingy vent area into the opening on the far side of the narrow shaft. Scan the tiny vent at the bottom and send the flathead toward it.

You now have access to the main security room of the hotel.

Finding a Way Into the Dwellers Hiding Spot

Once inside the security room, T-Bug asks you to find a way out. The obvious choice is to scan the main door on the left. But turns out, the is a small issue with it that will need fixing. Instead, look for the CCTV access point on the left-hand side of the main door. It is a small box on the wall and is easy to spot with the scanning tool. Use the image below as a reference.

cyberpunk 2077 flathead security room.

Once you scan this point, the flathead will hack into it, giving you access into the CCTV on the other side of the malfunctioning doorway. Switch to the camera on the other side with the instructed button (arrow keys for console) and check out the area beyond.

Here, you will find two illuminated pits with netrunner chairs installed. Scan the one on the right and you will find the dweller you have been looking for. But how do you get the flathead to kill him if it stuck on the other side of the door?

Scan the Shaft Grate on the left bottom corner of the room.

shaft cyberpunk 2077 flatrunner mnission heist

To do this, pan the camera to the far left corner of the room. A small rivet on the floor will lead to a shaft entrance. Scan this enterance which will allow the Flathead to enter the chamber beyond.

After this, you can assign the flathead the task of neutralizing the dweller while he is accessing the netrunner. He will take some time to die as he is plugged in, in the meanwhile, you can prepare for your mission ahead. But after this tricky section of the heist, the rest of the mission will be an adrenaline-fuelled attle of epic proportions with a surprise ending.