The encounter with Matilda K. Rose, aka Sasquatch, is quite unforgiving if you do not know the trick to the fight.

She is not dangerous at all, but she regenerates health as fast as you deal damage, especially when you are low on level. This fight starts in the “I Walk The Line” main job.

This guide will teach you the trick on how to beat Matilda K. Rose in Cyberpunk 2077 and show different scenarios on how to approach the encounter.

I Walk The Line Main Job

The fight with Matilda K. Rose starts with the “I Walk The Line” main storyline with you trying to find out how to remove the chip in your head.

You will end up meeting with the Voodoo Boys gang and they will have some tasks for you to do before you can meet with Brigitte, who knows probably knows how to remove the chip and is also the one who commissioned the heist at Tonpeki Tower.

Continue with the objectives and you will eventually hit the part where you will enter the lobby to find the van that will help Placide get information about the NetWatch.

Matilda K. Rose’s Location

Matilda K. Rose can be found on the 2nd floor from the left side. Enter the 2nd room on the left towards the entrance of the cinema. You will find the Sasquatch in the middle of the lobby inside and all the gates will shutter so no one will be able to interrupt both of you.

Scenario 1 – Beating Matilda K. Rose

I decided to use stealth in my first run-through towards Matilda K. Rose location. It is quite hard because once you fail, you start at a checkpoint where there will be an enemy spawning in front of you after the loading screen.

If you do fail, you can still stealth through the lobby all the way to the van or the cinema where Matilda K. Rose is located. You just have to crouch as soon as you finish loading and move forward immediately as well.

Hold the crouch position all the way and move towards the left side of the lobby. Use your scanner and check for cameras but it should be safe if you head directly to the escalator on the left side of the lobby and hug the wall.

There will be two enemies in front, and you can easily take them down stealthily because the other guard will be trying to get something off the vending machine on the left side of the hallway.

After dealing with them, grab all the loot so you can get some Eurodollars, consumables, and ammo before heading out. Go straight to the lobby, and the gates will shut down to lock you in with Matilda K. Rose. Do not worry; the Sasquatch will not yet get alerted at this point.

Purple Crystal Matilda K. Rose

Scan and breach Matilda K. Rose’s protocol and you learn about her weakness (fire) along with other details. Keep crouching and go towards her back while avoiding detection.

She does not sway that much so you can immediately go to her back without strafing back and forth. Take her down and you will take that purple crystal behind her back that seems to be the thing that gives her that insane health regeneration.

After taking her down as well as the purple crystal on her back, she will get stunned for roughly 3 seconds. You can unload a whole clip of your strongest weapon and shoot every single shot to the head. Get the gun with the highest headshot multiplier, regardless of a slight DPS dip on the stat.

As she gets back up, she should be around 30-50% HP at this point already. You can throw a grenade and continue smashing her head since it is a large hitbox anyway. A fairly easy fight with stealth.

The problem with this scenario is that you will still need to go to the van to give Placide information.

The guards will be alerted already because of your fight with Matilda K. Rose and you will have to clear out the whole lobby outside. The next scenario will be the best way to do this job.

You can still proceed with this scenario if you can do it because you would not be fighting anyone anymore after clearing the lobby. It gives you more Eurodollars and experience by clearing them out as well.

Scenario 2 – Beating Matilda K. Rose After the Van – Best Way

This scenario focuses on the objectives first before going to Matilda K. Rose.

Just as when you enter the lobby, head towards the left side again, but this time, you will not be going to the 2nd floor because the van is located on the floor you are currently in.

The van is located on the left side towards the end of the lobby that is guarded by three guards all talking to one another.

NC Resident Lobby

As you approach the left side, slowly creep your way toward the middle while finding cover. Look behind you and there will be an NC resident that you have to hack so you can remove his vision. If you do not do this, you will have to go a longer route, so it is best to just stick with this strategy.

Keep creeping towards the center while finding cover. You just need to get past the three guards that are talking to one another so this is why you are going toward the center first.

After getting past the 3 guards, you can creep toward the van, and they will not be able to detect you even if they see you for a short time as long as you are crouched.

Once you reach the van, Placide will proceed to hack into the network and find out that the Netrunner has detected that there is an intruder in the area.

This will alert the guards to be a little extra attentive toward finding the intruder. Do not worry as you will only encounter about three guards on the way to the objective.

Follow the navigation towards the elevator shaft and climb up towards the boxes. Before jumping up to the ledge, you will hear a guard on the 2nd floor.

Wait for him to pass before jumping up to the ledge. Once he passes, go up and keep your crouch position. Immediately go after that guard and take him out stealthily.

Move towards the right side, and you will encounter another guard, but this one does not seem to be looking towards your direction, so just take him out as well.

Head towards the objective, and you will enter the cinema lobby just like the one in scenario 1. Stealth towards Matilda K. Rose and continue the fight like the explanation before.

Scenario 3 – With Guns Blazing

If you are tired of all the stealth, just eliminate everyone on sight with your gun and after clearing the whole lobby, you can go to the van and proceed with the objective normally.

Once you enter the lobby cinema, Matilda K. Rose will still be clueless about your presence so you can stealth and take out her purple crystal before fighting her.

It is possible to beat her with guns blazing but it will cost you more ammo and perfect dodging. She has an attack where she staggers for 3-4 seconds so this will be the strategy of a mad man who just wants to go out and fight without thinking.

Matilda K. Rose Drops

Unity Legendary Matilda K. Rose

She drops a legendary Unity pistol which is also obtainable through vendors but this will be a free one. It does not have that many mod slots as the one from the vendor but this one is a little stronger because of the scaling.

Sturdy Shoulder Scraps Legendary Matilda K. Rose

The next drop is also another legendary which is a Sturdy Shoulder Straps outer torso slot. Gives a big chunk of armor as well as some much-needed carrying capacity.

It already has mods installed but you can still swap them out.

Meeting With the Netrunner

After proceeding towards the theatre, you will encounter the agent for the NetWatch. He will cut off your line with Placide and offer a deal with you. The deal involves you letting him go with the data in exchange for releasing Brigitte and helping you with the chip in your head.

If you accept the deal because let’s face it, you have been swindled big time already trusting random people offering you jobs (Dexter DeShawn), you will let him go, and you will still go back to the Voodoo Boys with Placide growing suspicion on you.

You will be following Brigitte eventually so it is still unclear how this affects your progress.

What to Do Next?

Everything should be done in your own personal preference, and having interweaving paths in RPGs is what makes them great while adding replayability.

Keep doing your thing and enjoy these newfound gear to help you as you progress. After a few more jobs, you can unlock the side job for the Samurai Jacket soon.

You can also start farming for Street Cred to get more unlockables.