After your life-altering ‘The Heist’ mission, everything about V’s life changes dramatically. A bullet to the brain is a death sentence in 2020, but in Cyberpunk 2077, things are a little different. The shroud that V puts in his brain stem is now slowly taking over. The brash rebel Johnny Silverhand is hated by the establishment and is now slowly becoming a looming presence in V’s life.

As you try and find a cure to this spreading presence replacing V’s psyche, Evelyn Parker seems to be a crucial part of the puzzle. After your conversation with Takemura and Judy Alvarez, you head over to Clouds, a dollhouse, in search of Parker. Once you get there, it becomes clear that things aren’t going to be as straightforward as they seem.

Entering Clouds

Head towards Megabuilding H8 and take the elevator to reach Clouds. You are greeted by the receptionist who insists that you will have to pick another companion as Evelyn is unavailable. Johnny suggests that you pick someone to spend time with but use it to gather intel and try to locate Evelyn Parker.

Interrogate the Dolls

Defeat woodman after love

Pick one of the suggested dolls and pay 500 Eddie. Deposit your weapons (yes, you will not have your arsenal with you during this mission, yikes) and head into the heavily guarded building. Reach your assigned doll in Booth 6 and strike up a conversation. Start questioning him/her about Evelyn Parker and there is are three ways to go about it. Ask nicely, be threatening, or offer cash.

The threatening route works as the doll folds easily. Telling the doll that you are dangerous will instantly get you more information and the doll will not raise alarm. Asking politely also works, keep questioning the doll and she will begrudgingly give you more info. You find out that a doll named Tom might have more information about her as they were always close.

Now things get a little dicey. Remember that a stealthy approach is crucial to the success of this mission. There is a very easy way to finish this, and many gamers get stuck at this stage of the game because they end up not following the few simple rules of Cyberpunk 2077. Remain under the radar and loot.

Getting into the VIP Area

You do not have access to the VIP area and trying to force your way through is a bad idea. When you reach the entrance, you find an unruly customer trying to argue with the huge bouncer. Wait here, soon the argument will escalate and this prompts another guard from inside the VIP area to arrive and try to diffuse the situation.

Route 1 : Slip Past the Guard

You can do two things here. One is to wait until the second guard joins the argument. After they chase the angry customer away, the second guard goes to the restroom. Wait slightly far away from the entrance. The big bouncer, after a few seconds, walks to a new location away from The door. You can slip in at the point when the door and the stairs beyond are unguarded.

Woodman after love

Route 2: Hack Your Way Through

get into vip autoimatic love hacking

You can also hack this guard and corrupt his optical sensor, disabling his vision for a short duration. You will use the scan function used extensively in the Information Job earlier. Scan him and you will find an option called ‘Reboot Optics’. Perform this and wait for his eye-wear to spark. He will instantly double-up in pain, giving you a brief window to enter the VIP area undetected.

Route 3: Obtain Key Card

get into vip section keycard

You could also follow the guard going to the restroom. Close the door behind you and when he is at the urinal, take him out quietly and loot his body. You will find a VIP access card on him. Pick this up and this will help you access several areas in Clouds. You can also hide his body in one of the stalls. You can now use this card to roam around freely through the VIP section in search of Tom (who is in booth 2)

These are the best ways to make sure you enter the area without raising alarm. Watch out for the red-eye meters which appear on hostiles. If the meter starts climbing, find a hiding spot. Understand that there is always a stealthy way to get past enemies in Cyberpunk 2077. Use this to your advantage. With higher character Intelligence and gaining more street cred, you can understand the stealthy aspects of the game better.