Eurodollars are the main currency in Cyberpunk 2077. You should always have a fair amount of Eurodollars with you just by blindly going through the missions and selling junk.

Obviously, these are not enough because there are so many other things you can use Eurodollars for. Some main jobs and side jobs also require you to push out some Eurodollars to complete which can set you back even further if you are just playing casually.

This guide will teach you how to get Eurodollars in Cyberpunk 2077 by giving you an efficient technique to farm way more than you are normally getting from playing casually. It will also include the most obvious way of earning Eurodollars and how to be more efficient with them as well.

Access Point Farming

Access Point Hack 1

While playing through all the main jobs, side jobs, and even random events around Night City, you must have come across access points marked with a red diamond through your scanner. These things hold the bulk of the Eurodollars you will come across when playing casually.

Some areas might even hold 2-3 of these terminal looking things on the wall. With the right setup, you can get as much as 10,000 Eurodollars just by accessing a few of these in one job.

The setup

Datamine Eurodollars

You will need to increase your intelligence by 5 or more to get the Advanced Datamine perk. You must absolutely have this perk above anything else if you are in it for the Eurodollars. It basically doubles the amount of Eurodollars you can acquire from these access points and you will be swimming in money after finding a few access points.

Datamine Components

The Datamine Mastermind is another perk you can get as components are almost just as important as Eurodollars. This will require 9 points in the Intelligence attribute and two extra perk points to invest in. You can sell these too if you want but it is not recommended as these are also useful. It basically just triples the efficiency when you start grinding out access points across Night City.

Selling Weapons and Junk

The most obvious way to get Eurodollars is basically selling items that you collect along the way that you have no use for. It is as basic as it can get for any RPG you play and you just have to remember to always use your scanner to search for objects everywhere you go.

Selling weapons is the “unlimited” way of acquiring Eurodollars as the map of Night City is constantly flooded with events like crime, bounties, and NCPD asking for help. These usually involve eliminating enemies and each one of them will drop their weapon.

As you progress further into the story and get your level higher, you will encounter stronger enemies with stronger loot which is a good thing as the value of their weapons will be significantly greater than before.

You can choose however you want to play the game but it is efficient to level up higher through main jobs and side jobs. Once you get your level higher, finishing crime events will be more rewarding as you will get more Eurodollars from them.

Make sure to not get lost in these areas while doing jobs because they are heavily dense with each other in Night City. You can track jobs one at a time to be more efficient when doing these.


Side jobs also earn you a ton of Eurodollars through access points and the fixer’s reward. Make sure to answer all your phone calls while playing as they bombard you with these side jobs and gigs. You can easily earn up to 20,000 Eurodollars an hour just by applying all the things above, especially the Advanced Datamine perk for access points.

While there are many luxurious things you can buy such as vehicles and legendary weapons, all the Eurodollars you earned might not be enough but this is where the cycle begins and you start feeling burnt out. Make sure you alternate between Cyberpunk 2077’s content so that this does not happen.

If you have the patience and perseverance to push for more Eurodollars, you absolutely can but it will take an insane amount of hours to put in day and night.