The ability to set gear presets in Escape from Tarkov has been introduced with patch 13.5. This is one of the best quality-of-life updates for hardcore Tarkov players.

You can have an extremely powerful loadout that is extremely hard to make, but you can equip them all in just one click.

In this short guide, we’ll show you how to set up your own gear presets and save them for future use. This lesson will definitely save you hours of your time.

Setting Up Gear Presets

Go to your character’s current loadout to set up a gear set. This is the screen where you usually equip yourself with items before entering a raid.

On top of your character, you’ll see a title next to a few buttons. The one on the right will be the save button, and the one on the left is to change your loadout.

Equip your desired gear, including all the items in the bag. Once you have it finished, click the save button and name your loadout.

To equip this specific loadout, press the preset button on the left and go to the customs tab. Find your loadout and click on it to equip it.

List of Things to Remember for Presets

Adjust your loadout to what you want to accomplish and where you are going. Examples:

  • Customs, Interchange, Woods, Streets of Tarkov, and Lighthouse – Roubles for vehicle extraction
  • No bag loadout for a fast Interchange hole in the fence extraction
  • Green Flares for Streets of Tarkov extraction
  • Different sets of Documents Cases or SICC Cases with key-specific maps

These are all specific to a few maps and what you need to do. However, instead of making presets for each map, you can also have your default “best” loadout tied to your preference.

You can have your favorite weapon, armor, and gear and manually adjust the contents of your pouch based on where you are going.

The only different preset you can have from the one above is having a preset based on value. You can have a cheap loadout if you are feeling a bit rusty. This is a great way to have a money-making loadout because you are risking less for more reward.

Here are some common things to have in your presets:

  • Complete heals for bleeding, heavy bleeding, fractures, surgery, and some painkillers or stims
  • Extra bullets for your equipped weapon
  • Food and water
  • Grenades or flashes
  • Complete armor set
  • Headset
  • Weapon

When playing with your preferred loadout, always double-check the quest items you need to bring.

Equipping Presets

Once you have your customized presets, you can equip your presets through the upper-left button on your character loadout page.

Select your preset and it’ll automatically equip everything you have available.

It is important to note that if you don’t have the item, it will be missing in the loadout, but it’ll still swap to every single item you have available in your stash.

This still saves you some time to fill in the missing ones with alternatives. For example, if you run out of IFAKs, you can instead replace them with AFAKs or Grizzlies after equipping the preset.

For weapons, you can also choose to have one specific weapon on your preset, but you can also change it easily from the drop-down bar on top of your weapon slot.

In fact, you easily swap any piece of armor, weapon, and equipment you have from a separate drop-down bar.

The drop-down bar will show everything you have available in your stash. When choosing from the list, you can edit an item’s preset before equipping it.

You can mod the weapon directly from this interface and equip it with the same process.