Interchange’s Hole in the Fence extraction point is crucial to everyone playing the map. Everyone goes into the mall to finish their quests, loot, or PvP, excluding stash runners.

Everyone needs to know how to extract from Hole in the Fence in Escape from Tarkov, as it is one of the easiest points to go through.

The other extraction points in Interchange are quite far away, so the closest ones are either the secret hideout room or the Hole in the Fence extraction point.

These have unique extraction mechanics, and we will get into all the details here.


The only requirement to extract from Hole in the Fence is to drop your bag.

You won’t be able to fit through the fence with your bag, so you will either go into the raid without a backpack, or you have to drop it to extract.

Hole in the Fence Extraction Location

Hole in the Fence Location Interchange

The Hole in the Fence extraction is located at the back of Goshan, outside the mall. The map on top can be a bit confusing. It is the in-game map from Therapist, and the other areas are just the top-side view of the map, the basements, and the second floor of the mall.

Once you go to Goshan, you can go straight to the back and go under. Once you go down the wooden planks, turn left and run straight.

Keep looking left until you see the exit to the outside from the basement. On the upper-left corner of the white wall, with all the containers and barrels, you will see a hole in the wall or fence.

Standing on the extraction will trigger the countdown; however, it will notify you if you cannot extract.

This will be because you have a backpack equipped. Drop your backpack and put your most valuable loot inside your rig and container.

I suggest putting barter items inside your container so that when you fail to extract them, you can still use them for bartering with traders.

Tips and Tricks for Extraction

The number one rule is always to insure your bag or backpack to traders if you bring one into Interchange.

You never know when you will want to extract immediately. You may get something good inside Interchange and need to get out as safely and fast as possible.

LEDX Interchange Hole in the Fence Post

You can always go into the raid planning to extract from the Hole in the Fence. It is a good way to make money since you come in fast with a light loadout and extract through the hole once you get full.

I suggest bringing at least a rig with a 4-slot to loot items like Motors, Toolsets, Power Supply Units, and other valuable 4-slot items.

If you are bringing a backpack, make sure to insure it. Once you are thinking of extracting through Hole in the Fence, throw your backpack away from the area.

Players Scavs sometimes go to this area to check for bags to loot more inside Interchange.

It is best to hide your backpack, preferably inside a bush, but not the one nearest to the extraction point.

If you have quests that require you to find ‘found in raid’ items, you can loot them and run straight to the Hole in the Fence extraction.

You need to get at least a few experience points from eliminating Scavs or PMCs, but you can always wait until the timer goes to 33:00.

It will not be a run-through if you do this. With the same logic, you can also camp in this area to get some PMCs who are trying to extract around that time, which is quite common.

It is a great way to finish Chumming if you haven’t yet.

What to Do Next

With all the knowledge in this article, you can use Interchange raids as a way to make easy money. Loot everything you can with a rig, and once you are full, run straight to the Hole in the Fence extraction.

If you didn’t eliminate anyone, wait for 7 minutes until extraction. This is a good strategy for farming items in general to sell. You can make around 200-700k Roubles per extraction, and a raid just lasts 7 minutes! It’s quick and easy.