When heading out in EFT, items can sometimes be a problem when it comes to inventory space. After all, your container can only hold a limited amount of items.

You might have been experiencing problems like finishing quests when you need to be carrying a variety of items like markers, wi-fi cameras, spec tools, and many other things too.

This is where special equipment slots can work their magic.

Special equipment slots were added in patch 12.12.30, but what exactly are these special equipment slots in Escape from Tarkov for?

You have a total of three special equipment slots, which is decent enough to help players get into Tarkov.

These special equipment slots can hold items like quest markers, wi-fi cameras, rangefinders, compasses, and other quest items not included in the special quest inventory.

Once you put these items in the special equipment slots, they will not drop on death, and players cannot loot them from you.

How Do You Use Items in the Special Equipment Slots?

Special Slots

To use these items, you only have to use the hotkey for placing them, and they will be automatically used from your special equipment slots.

It is basically the same if you have them inside your bag, rig, pockets, or container. During the early wipe, while finishing early quests, you can even buy markers beforehand and equip them until you reach the quests that require them so that you never forget.

These will come in handy because you will never have to think about it again. The only thing you need to take note of is whether you need more than three slots for these markers.

Some examples would be doing Tiger Safari in Customs while doing the cultist quests at the same time or marking the minibusses in Interchange while also placing the wi-fi camera in front of Kiba.

Even if you need more than three item slots, you can still put the others in your containers because these special equipment slots only act as extra space for these occasions.

After questing, you can use items like the rangefinder and compasses in the equipment slots.

Thoughts on the New Feature

Tarkov veterans might not be too keen on the idea because the game pushes for tactical realism to the fullest, and it doesn’t make sense for these items to be secured on death.

The game is already extremely hard, especially for new players, as they need to gain the knowledge of an incredibly detailed RPG first and then also learn its first-person shooter elements.

While the feature of special equipment slots isn’t a big deal or help to experienced players, these will definitely help new players because it gives them more space on their container and has fewer risks in doing certain quests.

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