Corrugated Hoses are quite uncommon in EFT. They’re used for a lot of things early in the game, which is why their prices can spike so early. If you’re looking for useful items to barter with, Corrugated Hoses are worth keeping an eye on.

No matter if you’re farming Corrugated Hoses to make money, upgrade the hideout, finish quests, or barter with, you’ll need to know where to look first.

There is a little luck involved, but if you find the right areas you will stumble upon Corrugated Hoses frequently. Here’s where to get Corrugated Hoses in Escape from Tarkov.

How Many Corrugated Hoses Do You Need?

You’ll need a total of 32 Corrugated Hoses to progress in EfT, excluding barter trades and the flea market.

Four are needed to be ‘found in raid’ for quests Spa Tour Part 3 and Spa Tour Part 7 from Peacekeeper.

You can buy the remaining 28 Corrugated Hoses on the flea market, as these are needed to upgrade your hideout fully.

This is the main reason why Corrugated Hoses spike in price early in the wipe. 28 Corrugated Hoses is a lot to farm.

You will end up buying the remaining ones to finish your hideout upgrades.

You can also barter a Corrugated Hose and Military Corrugated Tube for a KS-23 pump-action shotgun from Prapor (level 4). It is a popular gun known for one-shotting players in the legs with Shrapnel-10s.

How Does Corrugated Hose Spawn Work?

Corrugated Hoses are counted as technical supply loot. Technical supply loot can spawn a lot of items, such as all types of pliers, gunpowders, metal scissors, ratchets, propane, sewing kits, and more.

This is where luck becomes a factor. You can get 5 Corrugated Hoses in a single raid or find nothing in 5 raids.

However, if you concentrate on the best technical spawns on any map, you will surely find more of them.

Even if you don’t, you’ll definitely find some valuable technical spawns such as Toolsets, Thermite, ratchets, and others to sell on the flea market and buy some Corrugated Hoses.

Best Corrugated Hose Spawns

Farming Corrugated Hoses is a good way to make money. In fact, you can stash 4 ‘found in raid’ Corrugated Hoses for the quests and sell everything else during the start of the wipe.

You can delay your hideout upgrade and just buy them in the future when the prices go down.

This is one of the best strategies for making money after a wipe.

Here are the spawns you can go through to improve your chances of getting one.

OLI – Interchange

Duffle Bag Corrugated Hose

Interchange is mostly known for a few LEDX spawns and having the best computer item spawns. However, there is one area that has a concentrated spawn of technical items.

OLI’s shelves spawn a lot of technical loot like fuels, plexiglasses, tubes, and Corrugated Hoses. There are a lot of other spawns, so you need a little luck.

Go from the OLI logistic office side and look for the fallen shelves. You can start your looting run here.

Go from the fallen shelves all the way to the back (exiting to Emercom ramp). If you don’t find any on the shelves, you can try the back of Goshan and IDEA, but there are fewer spawns here.

If you find duffle bags, you can also loot them since they can spawn almost anything in the game.

With patch 13.5 combined with the dynamic looting patch, you’ll be surprised on how frequently you can find these. It is just a matter of luck and quantity (how many duffle bags and random loot containers you open).

Camps – Streets of Tarkov

While Kaban spawns in the camp, it is still worth taking the risk because of the density of loot in the area. You can use a couple of grenades to check if Kaban didn’t spawn.

They have a very distinct voiceline so you would know if it is Kaban and his guards.

The camp between Sparja grocery store and the car dealership (Lexos) has one of the best loot in Streets of Tarkov.

The camp has two technical supply crates (three if you count the connecting Lexos store – key required), around five toolboxes, six duffle bags, and some loose technical spawns in the garage.

I only mentioned those because they have the best chances for technical spawns. There are so many more to loot inside, such as wooden crates, weapon crates, med bags, loose med spawns, and the most drawers on any map in Tarkov.

Obviously, another hard part is extracting from the map as well as the camp being a hot spot for PMCs.

You can do a safe run by running round the edge of the map and extracting through Klimov Street since most players won’t bother bringing a green flare.

Urban Medicine is also finished inside the camp, so you can add it to your Corrugated Hose farm to be efficient.

Abandoned Factory – Streets of Tarkov

Loose Technical Spawn Hose

Other technical spawns in Streets of Tarkov can be found in abandoned factories. This is the area where the marked room is located, as well as Broadcast Part 4.

There are about 4 technical crates in the area. There are also rooms on the second floor that spawns loose technical spawns.

Marked Room Streets Hose

You can do the jump going down the marked room without the key, and there are two technical spawns inside the marked room.

Water Treatment Plant – Lighthouse

In the Water Treatment Plant, it can be a little complicated if you are a BEAR. BEARs get shot on sight by the Rogues, while the USECs get a free pass to the area.

If you are a BEAR, you can loot this area as a Scav, but most of the spots are probably looted. You have to be careful with the Rogues when you are a Scav. If you get too close, they will shout as a warning and shoot you the next time they see you.

You can kill the Rogues as a Scav, and you won’t lose reputation points with Fence.

The loot spots in the plant can be found in the main entrance near the tents. There are two technical crates right at the start and some loose weapon attachments.

Go through the entrance and head to warehouse 1 or 3 and look for loose technical spawns on top of boxes, shelves and everything.

Warehouse 2 is where the good technical spawns are located. You can go to the end near the fire barrel and look for the shelves.

Repair Shop & Factories – Customs

The warehouses near Factory Far Corner and Admin Gate are the ones you are looking for.

The repair shop has technical spawns on the 2nd floor on the right side as you enter from the main entrance. Look for the shelves and a toolbox.

Go down and look at the shelves near the big truck. There are some technical spawns and weapon attachments here.

Exit to the next factory on the right and loot the technical crate, dead body, and toolbox.

Leave this factory and go to the factory near the far corner Scav extract.

There is a technical crate and 2 toolboxes. Technical loot can spawn on the floor next to the technical crate too.

There are more technical crates in Stronghold and the construction area, but you have to fight a lot if you are going to the middle of the map.

Crafting Corrugated Hoses

You can also craft Corrugated Hoses in your lavatory with the following items:

  • Silicone Tube
  • x3 Bundles of Wires
  • x3 Insulating Tape (Blue)

You get 2 Corrugated Hoses for each craft, which is enough to finish Spa Tour Part 3 or 7.

You only need a level 1 lavatory, so it is easy to craft right at the start of the wipe. The problem is that the materials are quite expensive as well during the early wipe.

It is up to you to gauge how to either make money from the craft or just buy the materials so you can get the Corrugated Hoses ‘found in raid’ for the quests.

What to Do Next

Now that you know Corrugated Hoses are good to farm if you want to barter, spend some time reading up on the other best ways to make money after a wipe in the game. While money isn’t the be all and end all of Escape from Tarkov, it can certainly help to have some, especially if you’re playing after a wipe.