If you are curious about that little defective wall in your EFT hideout giving you negative effects, you may have heard about the new 0.13 patch item, Fierce Blow Sledgehammer.

The Sledgehammer is quite hard to find, but with some luck, it’s possible. It is highly dependent on what map you run and what areas of the map you like to loot.

In this guide, we will show you where to find the Sledgehammer in Escape from Tarkov and what you can use it for.

What is the Fierce Blow Sledgehammer?

Defective Wall Hammer

If you have been following Nikita’s (Battlestate Games lead) Q&A streams, players have been asking him about Tagilla’s hammer and if it could be made bootable.

He always answers with, “they have plans for it,” but the community has never been told anything about these plans. In the 0.13 patch/wipe, they released a Fierce Blow Sledgehammer, which is used to break that little wall in your hideout.

The sledgehammer is a 2×5 lootable item that weighs about 5.5kg in the game, so it can be pretty hard to carry out.

Any bag smaller than a Berkut or a Pillbox won’t be able to carry the Sledgehammer. So, if you are going into a raid knowing you still need a sledgehammer, you need to bring a medium to big bag every raid.

How to Get the Fierce Blow Sledgehammer

The Fierce Blow Sledgehammer can only be found inside technical supply crates and loose loot for tools.

Loose tool spawns are quite confusing for beginners because you need hundreds or even thousands of raid experiences to get them all down for every map.

We’ll break down the spawns for just the best maps to get a sledgehammer.


Customs has a lot of spawns. The best one should be a loose tool spawn inside the factory in the middle (Unknown Key bunk house). Inside the factory, check the metal shelves with the one jacket.

Inside the shelves can contain the Fierce Blow Sledgehammer. Three people in a group I was in found them all here in the same spot during the early wipe.

Since Customs has all the early quests, you should eventually find one if you keep checking this area.

You can add some looting areas in your runs since Customs has a lot of technical crates. Stronghold, trains tracks near the construction, and inside the abandoned factory near the factory far corner scav extraction.


Interchange Sledgehammer spawn

In Interchange, there aren’t technical supply crates. However, the number of loose tool spawns is one of the best in Tarkov, apart from Streets of Tarkov and Customs.

Run to the back of Goshan, where you can see the med spawn on the table and the three toolboxes.

Around the shelves next to the toolboxes, there are some tool spawns. I have found two sledgehammers out of six raids in this area alone.

I wasn’t able to get the first one since I didn’t have a bag.

If you didn’t find any sledgehammers here, you could push to the back of Goshan nearest to the IDEA side of the mall. They should spawn on the shelves as well.

The next tool spawns would be inside OLI. Check all the shelves. This area is big, and Scavs frequently roam the area.

During the early minutes of the raid, PMCs will also cross this area since there are PMC spawns in Emercom Checkpoint and the parking lot in OLI.

Streets of Tarkov

Streets of Tarkov is one of the best maps for looting. The density of loot is so high compared to other maps.

However, the quality of loot isn’t the best for mid-late wipes. The bright side is that most of the loot is technical and valuable spawns.

In the abandoned factory alone, there are multiple loose tool spawns on the conveyor belt, on the floor inside the rooms (2nd floor), on the tables, and on the shelves.

There are four technical crates in Streets of Tarkov’s abandoned factory.

For more spawns, go to the camp where Urban Medicine is finished. There are two technical crates inside the camp.

Loose tool spawns are inside the garage next to the toolbox.

Overall, these two areas alone have the best technical spawns in Escape from Tarkov.


Lighthouse has a ton of technical spawns as well. However, the map is insanely hard because of the rogues.

If you are a BEAR, these rogues will shoot you on sight even if they are far away. Since most of the technical spawns are inside the water treatment plant, you are better off playing other maps if you are a BEAR.

If you are USEC, you can rush the water treatment plant for all the technical spawns.

There is a technical crate just near the main entrance (the one with the GL rogue). Another technical crate can be found near the tank in warehouse 2.

Look inside all warehouses for loose tool spawns. The shelves inside warehouse 2 near the fire barrel could be your best chance for the sledgehammer.

After looting all the technical spawn areas, go to the railyard and head for the warehouse.

Look at all the shelves for more technical loot.

You are close to the Northern Checkpoint extraction. If you don’t have that extraction, you can wait for the train to extract.

Other Maps

Woods Hammer Spawn

Woods has some technical spawns with some technical crates, but they are very far from each other.

Factory doesn’t really have anything useful other than PvP, quests, or farming Tagilla.

Shoreline is more on farming rare med spawns and tech spawns.

Labs aren’t great for technical spawns, but it has everything else.

How to Unlock the Gym

Mop The Floor

By getting the Fierce Blow Sledgehammer, you can break the defective wall in your hideout. However, there are a lot more things you need to do to unlock the gym.

Firstly, you need to mop the floor twice with the Fleece Fabric. After mopping the floor, you can break the wall using a Fierce Blow Sledgehammer.

It takes 3 hours to break the wall.

Defective Wall Upgrade

After waiting for 3 hours, you need the following items for the next upgrade:

  • Metal Cutting Scissors
  • Toolset

It takes another 3 hours to finish construction.

Last Defective Wall Upgrade

The next items you need are the following:

  • 2x Corrugated Hose
  • Duct Tape
  • Toolset
  • Pliers Elite
  • 5x Metal Spare Parts
  • Xenomorph Sealing Foam
  • 2x Bundle of Wires
  • 2x Light Bulb

It takes 12 hours for construction. This opens up a nearby door in your hideout if you enter it. However, you still need to construct the gym. You will see a new hideout upgrade unlock.

The construction requirements for the gym are:

  • Toolset
  • Electric Drill
  • Metal Scissors
  • 3x Nuts
  • 3x Bolts
  • WD-40 100ml (small)
  • Insulating Tape (blue)

Construction time will take 4 hours, and you will get the gym.

What to Do Next?

Gyming Tarkov

You will want to hit the gym every time it is available. But when is it available?

When you go to the gym and work out, you will get a mild muscle pain debuff. The effects last for less than a day, and then you can go to the gym again.

However, even with the mild muscle pain debuff, you can go to the gym again, but you have a higher chance of breaking your arms. If you do go to the gym again, you will get a severe muscle pain debuff instead.

You can time your gym hours alongside your playtime. If you play every other day, you can do a severe muscle pain debuff.

If you play morning and night, you can go to the gym in the morning and wait for the debuff to go away and go to the gym twice at night.

There is a prerequisite to working out. You need 100 energy and 100 hydration. If you aren’t full, you won’t be able to work out. After every workout, you lose energy and hydration too so make sure to eat and drink up before going into a raid.

After finishing the gym, you can start saving up some items to upgrade the rest of your hideout. It is better to farm the items than buy them from the flea market, but looking into money farming methods could help to save you some time.

If you know the timings of the wipe, you can tell which items will go up, and most of these are hideout items. Imagine Light Bulbs going for 50k Roubles each.