How to Play With a Controller on PC in Fall Guys

Fall Guys is one of the most exciting and quirky games ever made and you might find yourself enjoying it better while sitting comfortably on a couch or a bed. Playing on a mouse and keyboard can be an inconvenience but since the game is available for Steam, it is possible to play this game using Steam’s controller support. This article will guide you on how to play with a controller on PC in Fall Guys.

Types of Controllers Steam Supports

Firstly, you have to plug your controller to a USB port on your PC and have it connect. This might take a while if you are plugging it in for the first time because your PC will still discover and install the driver automatically and it will depend on the type of controller you are plugging.

Steam has its own controller support so it might be easier to just plug in Steam supported controllers. Steam supports multiple controllers including Sony’s Playstation Dualshock controller, Xbox controllers, dedicated Steam or PC controllers and even the Switch Pro controller.

Once you have it connected, Steam will automatically detect the supported controller and it will already work. Before you open Fall Guys, it will be easier to activate Steam’s Big Picture Mode which is mainly used by gamers who play games with a controller on PC.

Steam’s Big Picture Mode

Steam’s Big Picture Mode can be activated by pressing the screen icon on the upper right corner of your Steam window. It is right between the minimize button and your profile account name. You can also activate ‘Big Picture Mode’ by pressing the middle button on your controller. For example, the Playstation Dualshock controller can open this mode by pressing the PS button in the middle.

After connecting your desired controller and using Big Picture Mode, you can open the settings and configure your controls. Since Fall Guys support controller function, you can also set and configure your controls in Fall Guys’ settings. It will be more simple to do it here because configuring your controllers on Steam will configure it for every game you decide to play with a controller on Steam.

For Fall Guys, there are multiple buttons available to do a single action in the game when playing with a keyboard and mouse. Since diving can be used by clicking the right mouse button and the control button on your keyboard, you can do the same to your controller when you configure the controls.

My recommended settings to use for the Playstation Dualshock controller are the following:

  • Attaching the ‘Grab‘ control to a trigger like L2 or R2 and LT or RT, which depends on which controller you are using
  • Attach the ‘Dive’ control to the opposite trigger and the square button
  • Attach the ‘Jump’ control to the X button so that it will be easier to jump and dive if you slide your thumb forward to also tap the square button
  • Emotes and other controls can entirely be up to you

This simple control configuration will make it easier for you to jump and dive and if you choose to just dive, you can use the trigger instead to avoid using the jump while diving.


You can play using your own configuration and what works better for you. There are multiple controllers that support Fall Guys and Steam. Hopefully, you can use the same configuration on the other games you choose to play on Steam or you could easily change it again in the settings. Sooner or later, there should be an added split-screen which can make Fall Guys a popular Couch Co-op game for family and friends.


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