Race stages in Fall Guys are the most popular game modes in the early rounds of the game.

This will be the first hurdle in learning how to win a game in Fall Guys.

This guide will help you get your win rate up as I’ll break down every race stage in Fall Guys and all the strategies you can use to claim victory.

How to Win the Whirlygig

The Whirlygig Screen

The Whirlygig race does not involve that much luck compared to other race stages.

The course starts off with the sweepers which can be hectic because of the amount of people still playing.

This stage is usually played at the start or at the second round where 40-60 players are still active.

For the first part, you could try doing this to propel yourself in front of everyone.

This is definitely faster than just running and jumping if executed correctly. You could even be lucky and get past the third sweeper.

Once you have done this, the stage will be easier because the crowd will be behind you and there will only be a few players bumping with you.

After the sweeper, you will have to go to the middle and climb a wall and pass through the first windmill.

This should be easy and you could press the grab button on the wall to climb over it slowly so you do not have to deal with other other players trying to bump or grab you while trying to jump over the wall. If you are way ahead, you could easily jump over it without grabbing the wall.

Make sure to time your cross perfectly with the first windmill because if you get hit, there can be a high chance that you can get hit multiple times in one mistake.

After crossing the first windmill, the next part will be either going to the sides with the sweepers or going to the middle with an extremely fast windmill.

For the windmill, you can pinpoint the position of the windmill blade on the successful jump attempt. You should aim for the blade near the 8 o’clock position while nearing the top of the ramp.

The strategy should be carefully walking up the ramp while waiting for the blade to position perfectly.

Stop holding the forward button and just button mash the forward button instead to make you walk slowly. There are players who try to just secure the checkpoint after this windmill by making a jump and dive at the sides of the ramp. Their goal is just to reach the checkpoint and will likely fall off the map and respawn immediately in front of the windmill.

The safer strategy will just be going through the sides with the sweeper. It should be easy just like the first part of the stage but will take more time than usual.

If you are behind, you can use this strategy in the video where you get catapulted by the sweeper to cross the thicker windmill blades near the finish line. It is even possible to get catapulted even farther.

The goal here is just to bypass the windmill since you will only have to wait for the blade to cross the leftmost portion of the ledge and avoid the middle where everyone bumps into each other causing some players to fall.

How to Win Door Dash

In my opinion, this stage involves the most luck in all the race stages in the game.

The course is simple where there are multiple doors you can break through by jumping into them while also having fake doors that are impassable. The amount of doors decrease as you go farther in the stage.

The strategy here is to just follow the group and avoid discovering doors by yourself. Let the crowd do them for you and just follow.

Once a door breaks open, you should carefully time your jump or you will be stampeded and nailed to the floor. It would be best if you could avoid jumping but if you have no choice, you can jump and just dive immediately to avoid being rag-dolled.

How to Win Hit Parade

Hit Parade Screen

The Hit Parade stage is a mix of ‘trying not to fall’ and trying not to get hit’ kind of stage.

The first part involves jumping from pole to pole and crossing it. There is not much consequence in falling down from the poles and it will only lose you a few seconds. You can even try to jump down into the slimy floor to avoid the crowded poles and just run up the ramp.

The next part will be getting through the revolving walls. The strategy here is to watch where the crowd is at. If it is heavier on the left side and you are on the right side, avoid going to the middle because you can still cross through the sides.

After crossing this part of the stage, you will be crossing multiple pendulums that can hit you and knock you to the sides and you will be forced to start over the pendulums. Just keep any eye out for pendulums that have crossed and go towards the opposite end of it while crossing.

The next course will be the slimy ramp with some horizontally moving poles.

The poles move really slow but it will be harder to change direction once you are already on the slimy ramp.

The strategy here is to check where there would be the most space to pass before stepping to the slime.

You have to remember that getting hit by the pole from the side is not that bad because you can recover and choose a different path but getting hit from the front will cause you to slide down and eventually restart again.

How to Win Fruit Chute

The Fruit Chute stage is just one simple course that usually shows up after the first three rounds. There is one enormous conveyor belt that is running opposite to the finish line. Players must run past the conveyor belt while a cannon shoots oversized fruits at everyone.

There is also a log that constantly goes through the middle of the conveyor belt. This log will not roll down at the left and right side of the conveyor belt and once you get hit by this log in the middle, it will drag you all the way down and you will have to restart from the beginning.

The strategy here is by choosing to go whether through the left side or the right side.

It might seem easy to jump over the logs but if you get hit by a fruit while jumping, you will fall and lose much more time that just getting hit by a fruit.

Use other players as a shield because most fruits bounces upwards once they hit something.

You can move faster on the conveyor belt when you keep jumping forward. Make sure you use some players in front of you as a shield when you do this strategy. Your goal is not to finish first but just to qualify anyway.

How to Win Slime Climb

The Slime Climb is the most deadly race stage in the game, and is both a race and a survival stage at the same time.

Being able to finish this game will greatly increase your chance in winning the crown. This is because most of the contestants will get eliminated in this stage.

Slime Climb involves high precision, perfect timing and low room for error.

The slime will increase every level and there are 6 levels where the slime will continuously creep on and eliminate players who are slow.

The first obstacle is easy and involves three pushing blocks with spaces in between and alternates with each other. There is no room for error on this one because if you get pushed at the last part of the block, you might get pushed to the slime and get eliminated.

The next obstacle in Slime Climb involves the rolling balls that almost covers the whole ramp.

Do not worry about getting hit as it will just knock you down instead of snowballing you to death. Avoid the shortcuts in this stage because it is already popular and if most people uses the shortcut, most of you will get stuck trying to jump on one another.

The next obstacle is the killer for most of the players in the stage. It is a combination of the pushing blocks in the first level and adding a hole in between them. This means that you can not play it safe because you will have to jump.

The strategy here is to wait for the first block to push and jump when the block is on the edge instead of jumping when the block is retracting already.

These two pushing blocks are synchronized every stage so that when you jump while it is retracting already, you will get pushed by the second block before you can reach the next stage.

The next stage will be the multiple conveyor belt moving towards the left that pushes you back to the previous stage. There will also be multiple moving poles and it is kind of like the last part of Door Dash but instead of slime it will be the conveyor belt.

The strategy here is to start at the right most part and keep going right as you move forward.

Avoid the poles that move to the left and do not be afraid of poles moving to the right. If you get hit by the pole going right, it will most likely help you and keep you on the conveyor belt.

The next stage will be the rotating hammers and everything should be easy from this point in Slime Climb. Keep sticking to the right side and avoid the left side because one mistake pushes you back to the previous level or even the slime.

The next part will be the poles which should be easy since this area gets rarely crowded. Put more focus on landing your second jump and aim more to the left instead of forward.

The last one will be a Slime Climb to the top with moving poles and two pendulums at the end.

The most dangerous part here are the moving pendulums since one hit will eliminate you even if the slime is not yet at this level.

Take your time at this portion of the stage because it is most likely that you are way ahead of the slime.

The other dangerous factor is the other players because if you get grabbed and pushed on slime, it will be hard to control yourself and you might get pushed off the stage.

The video below shows the perfect strategy in completing the Slime Climb stage.

How to Win See Saw

The See Saw stage is a little tricky because of how much the players can influence your run. The whole obstacle will just be going through multiple seesaws with checkpoints after every course.

The key here is to have awareness. Being fast in this stage does not matter as much if you are still with a crowd. Always check where most of the crowd will go and go the opposite direction for each seesaw. If the seesaw is already tilted because of how uneven the players are, you have to wait for them to fall for the seesaw to become even again. This is where you might lose the stage even if you played it perfectly.

Make other players work for you by telegraphing where the crowd will go while in the seesaw. If you think most of them will go to the right and jump, position to the left already and they will bring you up so you can jump to the next seesaw. Avoid jumping on seesaws that are insanely inclined already. Try to just walk up to it instead.

How to Win Gate Crash

Gate Crash Screen

The Gate Crash stage is relatively simple and is often played in the first two rounds of a game.

There will be gates opening and closing at both sides of the obstacle.

The strategy here is just to pick the one in the middle and wait for the gate the is up so when you approach it, it is about to go down. The side gates at the middle of the obstacles have a significantly longer interval when opening so that is why it is best to always go for the middle.

The last part is the slimy slope going down where you have to jump through the gates that are opening. Use the same strategy and go for the gate that is up and as soon as you approach it, it is going to be in the motion of going down. Remember to use the dive button to give you that extra height and momentum.

How to Win Tip Toe

The Tip Toe stage is one of the funniest stages in the game.

There are floor tiles that players have to go through to reach the finish line but most of the floor tiles are fake. In order to determine which ones are fake, you have to focus on which floor tiles are not shaking.

You can also use the trial and error method and just step on the tiles but it is risky if the players have already made significant progress towards the finish line.

The strategy would be to keep yourself in the middle of the tile because players will be pushing each other whether voluntary or not. Wait for others to solve the puzzle and try to gain balance and not get pushed towards unexplored tiles.

Try to focus on the adjacent tiles if you are near the finish line already.

How to Win Dizzy Heights

Dizzy Heights Game

This is probably the most relaxing stage apart from the Perfect Match stage. This stage is mostly played in the first two rounds of a game.

Dizzy Heights is mostly about learning how to time your jumps perfectly while moving at a faster rate. These rotating plates can either rotate clockwise or counter-clockwise so make sure you pay attention to them before jumping.

The strategy is to never go against the rotation of a plate.

It will never be the faster way and you might even hit the yellow bumper that can push you in to a worse spot.

Another great strategy here is by always going right after the sliding balls obstacle. This is because the rotating plate in the middle is always turning counter-clockwise and if you are coming from the right side, you can immediately jump off the plate and reach the final obstacle faster.

The next part are the half-circle rotating floors.

The strategy here is to start and jump at the left side of the first floor and just keep jumping forward as it will keep you at the center for the rotating floor as long as you have the proper pace.

Remember to dodge the dropping balls which should be easy enough.

Fall Guys Race Stages Tips and Tricks

  • It is always great to utilize the dive ability as often as you can when you try to make long difficult jumps
  • If you are behind and there is a player in front of you that would take the last qualifying spot, you can always try to grab the player from behind if he decides to jump and make him fall down
  • Always avoid huge crowds and pay attention to where they are going in these race stages
  • Slime is only dangerous if you strafe too much. You should always plan out your path before entering
  • The side gates in the middle of Gate Crash always takes longer to open than the ones in the middle
  • Avoid jumping on seesaws that are insanely inclined already. Try to just walk up to it instead