With every new release of FIFA, EA attempt to make the game we all love that little bit more realistic. Because of this, the mechanics of the game change slightly, which also has an effect on the way you are going to be scoring goals.

So, if you are wondering what the best ways to score in FIFA 21 are, continue reading this blog as we will cover the best and most effective ways to convert your opportunities into goals.

Chipping the Goalkeeper

Chipping the goalkeeper hasn’t changed much from FIFA 20 or FIFA’s earlier releases. If you are wondering how to chip the goalkeeper in FIFA 21, you must hold LB and press B on Xbox One. For Playstation, you must hold L1 and press O.

When it comes to executing the chip, there are a few things that you need to be looking out for, which will significantly higher your chances to convert from such a tricky situation. Those are:

  • Is the goalkeeper too far out from the goal-line/coming towards you?
  • Are there defenders near you that could potentially tackle you while you set yourself up for this goal-scoring opportunity?
  • Are you using a player that is good with the foot you are going to be chipping with?

The above are all small things that matter and can greatly affect whether or not you score a goal or not.

Note: Experienced players often use their goalkeeper as part of their defense. If you play against someone good, you may see how they bring their goalkeeper out just enough to make you believe that they are going to engage with your attacking player. By the time you spot the opportunity and execute the chip, they would have already released the Triangle button or the Y button (depending on the platform you play on), and the goalkeeper is already making his way back to the goal line. Thus, easily catching the ball and gaining possession.

Tip: Chipping best works when you are approaching the opponent’s goal with one of your wingers at an angle. This is because as soon as the goal-keeper leaves the goal line, with every inch he comes towards you, the more space he opens up behind for you to take advantage of and convert the chip.

This goal-scoring technique works best when your opponent isn’t using the best formation in FIFA 21 for his/her squad. For example 3-4-3 (having three defenders isn’t always ideal).

Long Shots

Long Shots

Running up in free space with only a few defenders in line with your favorite player? When you see such an opportunity, it is hard not to try and score a banger from 30 yards out. However, quite often, that doesn’t happen. You either shoot the ball too hard and it goes far out or directly at the goalkeeper.

Have long shots changed in FIFA 21? Not really. If you were good with them in FIFA 20, then you should be just fine with scoring then in FIFA 21.

Tip: When looking to score a long shot, look for an open corridor that will give you enough time to build up the power of the shot, and the ability to execute it without any of the defending players attempting to stop it.

Top Bins

If you are old enough, you would know how great Robben was with his left foot. Players could quite literally predict what he was about to do yet failed to stop him from scoring nearly every time.

So, where am I getting at with this? Scoring in the top corner of the net with players in the likes of Lionel Messi is extremely easy. All you need to do is line the player as if he was running on the outside of the penalty box, hold R1 or RB, aim with the analog stick, and hold B for Xbox One or O for Playstation just enough to generate sufficient power.

Note: Meta players in the likes of Messi and Neymar are the best for this. If you try to use someone else, it may not work as well. Moreover, if the player isn’t positioned well enough for such a strike with their strong foot, chances are that the shot will fail.

Head-Ins After a Cross

Who doesn’t love running on the wing with their fastest player on the team? Everyone right? If you do have a pretty fast winger or even a full back in the likes of Trent Alexander-Arnold, Jordi Alba, and many more quick defenders, you can very easily create goal-scoring opportunities for your strikers.

Note: If a quick full-back from the opposing team is contesting your winger while sprinting along the wing, chances are that you won’t be able to take full advantage of crossing the ball in with accuracy. So, what you want to do is cut in, then cross the ball if you see any players that are available to take a shot on target.

Tip: In case you are running in an open space on the wing, try and get closer to the box and cross the ball either to a player at the back or near the front post. This gives the goalkeeper the least opportunity to get his hands on the ball before your strikers can head it in the net.


Probably the easiest way to score a goal in FIFA 21 is to tap it in on an open net. Usually, this type of goal amongst the FIFA community is known as a ‘sweaty goal’. The reason it’s called that is because there is rarely anything that the opposing player can do in order to stop this type of goal-scoring opportunity.

If you don’t know what I am talking about, take a look at the video above. It usually happens when you are in control of the ball and have a teammate running alongside you. Once the keeper gets close enough, you can easily pass the ball to your teammate, which ultimately bypasses the goalkeeper, and leaves you with an open net.