Whether you are spending real money or have managed to figure out how to get more coins on FIFA 21, opening packs is always a very exciting gamble that all of us decide to bet on in the hope to pack a high-rated player. In recent times, EA has introduced little hints in the pack opening animations that can pretty much tell us whether or not we have packed a valuable player before we even get to see the player himself.

So, due to a popular request from the community, I will show you how to tell if it’s a walkout player in FIFA 21 before you even get to see any hints about the player.

What is a Walkout?

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The walkout is a feature in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team. It happens when you open a FIFA Ultimate Team pack and get a player of higher than average value. For example, if you got an 82 rated Rodrigo from Leeds United, you will only see the card of the player once the pack is opened. However, if you get a 92 rated Christiano Ronaldo, then you will have the player himself make a walk in front of you.

But, regardless of that, we all want to know as soon as we open a pack, before we even see the players, whether or not we have gotten someone good or whether we have just wasted our FIFA points or coins.

How to Tell if It’s a Walkout

Walkout Animation

In order to get a walkout animation, you need to pack a player that is 86 rated or higher. Yes, those are quite rare nowadays but knowing whether or not you have bagged yourself a valuable and potentially one of the FIFA 21 meta players before you see who it is will make your excitement much bigger.

So, how do you tell if it’s a walkout? Scroll slightly up and take a look at the image. You will see that the first bar on the left-hand side is not glowing. This is the earliest and most reliable way to tell that you have just gotten yourself an expensive, 86-rated, or higher player.

Unfortunately, if all bars are glowing on both sides, that means that your player is either 85 rated or lower.