Shushing your opponent on FIFA after nailing a goal at the back of their net in the 90th minute to bring you victory is deemed as one of the most humiliating FIFA celebrations that you can pull off.

If you have tried numerous times to pull off the Shush celebration on FIFA 21, but it hasn’t worked, well, let’s just say that after many years, EA has decided to pull away the Shush celebration.

The exact reason? We don’t know. Perhaps to cut out on the toxic environment in FIFA that brings pure anger to many players in the community. I personally like the idea as I am a victim of what I said above myself, and perhaps, the community will become a lot less toxic.

Removed Celebrations in FIFA 21

Besides the legendary shush, the A-OK has also been removed from the list of celebrations. Again, the reason for that is probably to reduce the negative mental impact of losing on FIFA, and being made fun out of by your opponent.

This is the first time in EA’s history where they purposely remove celebrations in an attempt to tackle racism, anger, and other problems that the community is experiencing. Before, the only reason EA removed celebrations was because they were simply outdated and no longer relevant to the player base.

New Celebrations in FIFA 21

Erling Haalands trademark meditating celebration

Despite removing the ‘shush’ celebration, EA has gone ahead and has instead added Kylian Mbappe’s ‘crying’ celebration, which he made use of for the first time after scoring a goal back in October of 2019 in a 4-0 win against Marseille.

I can only presume that players will automatically make use of this celebration to take it out on their opponents when they score a goal in a quick replacement of the ‘shush’ move.

Another brand new celebration that has been added to FIFA 21 is Erling Haaland’s trademark meditating celebration.