When it comes to flair and trickery on a football field, nothing beats the beauty and awe-inducing effects that a rabona does. A player using his other foot to strike the ball a long way while keeping balance to score or assist is a rare but stunning sight.

Mbappe’s rabona against Saint Etienne and the several beautiful rabona moves by Ronaldo and Neymar are examples of how effective this move can be when used in the correct situation. In FIFA 20, this move was very difficult to perform but in FIFA 21, it is an easy move that can be extremely effective when you master the situations to use it.

In this short guide, we will show you how to rabona in FIFA 21.

Scoring With a Rabona


In FIFA 21, you can score with a rabona easily, but you have to choose the right player and the right time to use it. There are several things to keep in mind before you try and perform the rabona FIFA 21 skill move to score.

It can only be performed by players with 4-star skill moves and the flair trait. very few players have this combination in the game in top teams. Neymar from PSG, Firmino from Liverpool, Hazard, Dybala, and Sane are some of the players who posses both 4 star skills and the flair trait.

When they are in possession of the ball inside the penalty box, trigger the rabona shot by using the RT/R2 button. It is tough to score a rabona from outside the box because the ball tends to curl a lot and can often veer away from the goal.

The best situation to trigger a rabona shot is when a player is clean through on goal but the goalkeeper is rushing you. It is a great way to send the AI keeper the wrong way and deceive him to score easily.

Also make sure to get the ball to the weak foot of the player. For example, if Neymar is bearing down on goal, make sure to make a slight movement to the left to get the ball on his left foot before performing a rabona shot. This is because this skill can only be performed with the players dominant foot and the skill requires the dominant foot to wrap around the foot with the ball.

It will be easy if you play a right footed player on the left flank and vice versa. This is because when they receive through balls, they naturally receive it on the left foot but their dominant foot is still free to rabona the ball into the net.

Crossing the Ball With Rabona

This is a slightly trickier move to pull off than scoring with a rabona but with practice, it is still easy to do multiple times a game. Along with the same instructions as above, it is crucial to use the L – analog to direct the ball. If you aim straight into the box, the player will still perform a normal cross. But if you move the analog in an arc towards your target player, you will perform a rabona cross.

So if you are in possession of the ball on the left flank with Neymar, dribble towards the touchline (to get the ball to the left foot). Then, press the LT/LB button and then move the analog in an arc towards the player you want to cross to. This will ensure that you get the rabona cross right every time.

One more tip is that it becomes easier to cross if you take the ball all the way to the touchline and cut back and immediately trigger the FIFA 21 rabona cross. This will ensure that your body is angled parallel to the goal, making it easier to perform.

Use this move to confuse opponents, baffle goalkeepers and score against your opponents with style. This move will make you look like a FIFA god but only you and I know how easy this move is. Shhh.