The pace of your strikers will very much influence how many scoring opportunities your team is going to create and potentially convert. So, if you are just about to build your very first cheap starter team in FIFA 21, I would recommend you to read carefully as on this list, you will find some of the fastest cheap strikers in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team that you definitely want to get your hands on as quickly as possible.

To provide you with a wide spectrum of players, I won’t be sticking to any particular league or team. Thus, you can just pick and choose which players from this list are most suitable for the team that you are trying to build.

Furthermore, there will be a lot of players on this list that you have probably never heard of but nevertheless, they are pretty quick, and since that is the meta in FIFA 21, it would be a no-brainer to make them part of your FIFA 21 Ultimate Team squad.

1) Rashad Muhammed – (60)

If you are building a squad from the Turkish Super Lig, BB Erzurumspor’s Rashad Muhammed is quite literally the player that you need to have in your starting 11. While he may have 2-star skill moves and only 1-star weak foot, his staggering 94 pace and 73 stamina will make your attacking so much easier for the entirety of the match.

He can quite literally tear apart any defense, and you can be sure than any through ball that gets to Rashad, it will most definitely result in a goal, provided you know the best ways to score in FIFA 21. At the writing of this article, his market price ranges between 800 and 1,000 coins regardless of the platform that you are playing on.

2) Kensuke Nagai (70)

FC Tokyo’s Kensuke Nagai is the amongst the fastest strikers in FIFA 21. He is only behind 2 legendary cards and Kylian Mbappe which can easily cost hundreds if not thousands of times more than this Japanese striker.

His 95 pace and 94 stamina quite literally guarantee that you will be able to tear apart your opponent’s defense for the full 90 minutes without fail. On top of that, the 68 dribbling which is definitely not amazing is a very nice extra to the immense level of pace that this guy has.

Nevertheless, if you are planning on building a squad in the J1 League, don’t hesitate and get your hands on this player card as soon as possible. His current market value is anywhere between 1,200 to 2,700 coins.

3) Frank Acheampong (76)

Looking to build a squad in the Chinese Super League, stop reading this article, and go buy Frank Acheampong. Despite his 76 overall, the Ghanaian legend has 94 pace and 91 stamina, which means that he doesn’t get tired fast. In fact, you can easily use him up until the 75th minute without fail and abuse his speed. On top of that, his 81 dribbling greatly contributes to scoring goals with ease or creating chances from pretty much every ball that reaches him.

His current market value is around 700 coins which is truly insane for a player of his caliber. I can quite easily say that he would be worth around 10,000 – 15,000 coins if he was to play in the Premier League or any other of the top 5 leagues in Europe.

4) Ihlas Bebou (74)

Building a team from the Bundesliga but can’t afford strikers in the likes of Robert Lewandowski? No problem, have you heard of TSG 1899 Hoffenheim’s Ihlas Bebou? He is not only worth around 1,500 coins but also has 92 pace and 78 dribbling which basically means that if you can get a through ball to him, he can easily distance himself from pretty much every Bundesliga defender and create a scoring opportunity for your team.

Besides that, he also has 75 stamina which isn’t great but will definitely do the job if you use the player and exploit his pace in key moments of the match.

5) Keita Balde (76)

Trading players for profit and learning how to get more coins on FIFA 21 can take you quite some time before you have enough coins for quick strikers in the likes of Neymar and Mbappe. Because of this, I’d like to present you AS Monaco’s Keita Balde who is not only quick due to his 91 pace but is also very good with his feet as he enjoys 79 dribbling.

On top of that, his 73 stamina will ensure that you can make use of the striker’s speed for the majority of the match. If you haven’t got the player already, I’d recommend that you go and get your hands on him as soon as possible. He is currently worth around 850 to 1,000 coins on FIFA 21.

6) Roger Assale (74)

Another insanely quick and cheap striker from the French Ligue 1 is Roger Assale. His 90 pace, 81 dribbling, and 77 stamina make him a lucrative signing to pretty much every cheap Ligue 1 squad. Not only that, his current market value is around 1,100 coins which makes him one of the most affordable quick strikers on this list.

7) Oliver Burke (67)

If you are looking for cheap fast strikers in FIFA 21, look no further than Oliver Burke. He is 67 rated, but despite that, he has 88 pace, 67 dribbling, and 73 stamina. Can you guess who it is? If not, I am talking about the Scottish powerhouse Oliver Burke who currently plays for Premier League’s Sheffield United.

His current market value is around 2,000 coins and is expected to go up as he is the fastest and cheapest (by a significant margin) striker in the Premier League.