There’s no skill move on FIFA 22 quite like the Rabona. It’s a classic used by many casual and pro players to show off their skill abilities to the opposing player. The great thing about the Rabona is that you can use this skill move to both score goals and cross the ball in the box for your teammates to either volley or header the ball into the net.

Whatever your aspirations might be, before you can do any of that, you first need to learn how to Rabona in FIFA 22.

Once you’re confident in your Rabona skill moves, you can execute the Rabona in fine fashion. But before that, let’s take a closer look at what the Rabona move is and how to do a Rabona in FIFA 22.

What is the Rabona Skill Move?

The FIFA 22 Rabona skill move comes from South America. The Rabona was first ever performed by the Brazilian legend Pelé during the São Paulo state championship way back in 1957.

It is a technique in football where the player kicks the ball with the kicking leg, which is crossed behind the back of the standing leg. It’s one of the most advanced and difficult to execute skill moves in football. Luckily, it’s not so hard on FIFA 22.

Today, many players in the likes of Neymar, Mbappe, and Cristiano Ronaldo use this skill to either score a goal or cross in the ball in a fine fashion.

How to Score With Rabona

To score a goal with the Rabona skill move, all you need to do is press R2 (for PS) or RT (for Xbox) + the shooting button. The most important thing with this is timing.

As the Rabona shot can take a little longer than the normal shot, you need to time it just right so that neither your opponent’s defender nor the goalkeeper gets too close to deflect the ball.

Note: Rabona moves can only be completed by players who have 4-star skill moves or higher. This means that if you’re using players with three-star skill moves, the Rabona skill will not be available for you.

Some players who do have a 4-star skill foot or higher include PSG’s Neymar, Liverpool’s Firmino, Manchester United’s Cristiano Ronaldo, and many more far less famous football players.

How to Cross With Rabona

Crossing the ball can be a bit trickier than scoring with the Rabona skill move. Either way, with a bit of practice, it shouldn’t take you too many tries before you master crossing the ball with the Rabona.

Using the same instructions as above, make sure to use the left analog stick and push it towards the box. If you’re attacking from the left, point the left analog stick to right, and if you’re attacking from the right, point the left analog stick to the left.

Your positioning in the game is also pretty important. To cross the ball with the Rabona skill move, you need to make sure that you’re parallel to the goal. Now, you don’t have to be as you can virtually Rabona-cross the ball from anywhere, it’s just a whole lot easier if you do it as I said above.

Using the Rabona to cross the ball not only looks cool but can also confuse your opponent and give you the well-deserved lead or even win you the game.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know how to cross and score using the amazing Rabona skill move, it is time for you to get some practice in and show your opponent your new-learned skill move.

Do note that to execute the Rabona, regardless of whether you want to score a goal or simply cross the ball into the box, you need to time everything perfectly as the margin for error is very small.