Training in FIFA 22 is a big part of Career Mode, whether you like to play as a manager or as a player.

If you’re playing as a manager, you’ll need training to keep your players fresh and match-ready throughout the season. If you’re playing a career with your player, training is one of the best ways to get XP, level up, and improve your skills.

In both of these modes, the drills you choose will make a big difference in terms of the results you can get. Some drills are better than others, so keep reading to discover the best training drills in FIFA 22 Career Mode – both for your manager and player.

In this guide, we’re going to break down the best FIFA 22 training drills for career mode both as a manager and a player, in two separate sections.

The Best Training Drills for a Manager

In your managerial career, training will be the best way to get high match sharpness and make sure your players are always up for the game.

The most important factor to consider when choosing the best FIFA 22 training drills here is to strike the best balance between Match Sharpness and Fitness. You want to find the drills that give the highest Match Sharpness boost at the lowest Fitness expense. This is signified by the red and green arrows in the corner of every drill.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you want to choose the drills that allow for the most players to be trained at the same time.

Pass to the Target

When you get an A grade, this passing drill takes only 8 Fitness points but gives you a +7 Match Sharpness boost (one red arrow, two green ones). It’s also created for 4 players so you can keep it in your regular drill rotation to get more players trained up quickly.

For comparison, the Merry go Round drill provides the same Sharpness but consumes more Fitness. It does allow for one more player so that would really be the only reason to go for this drill over the “Pass to the Target” one. However, the Merry go Round feels very buggy and it can be frustrating to get an A grade in this drill.

Long Shot Practice

The Long Shot Practice drill is identical to the Pass to the Target in terms of Sharpness and Fitness points, only it’s more suited to attackers. Forcing your defenders to play this drill over and over might affect their Morale so you need some variety in training.

This drill is also more fun to play if you want to work on your own game and do drills manually.

Extreme Hot Potato

Another passing drill, Extreme Hot Potato consumes 10 Fitness points and gives you 10 Sharpness in return. It’s among the most rewarding drills in terms of Match Sharpness you can get.

The only downside of this drill is that it limits you to only three players so it won’t be as effective if you have a lot of players lacking in Match Sharpness. Still, it’s a great drill to get a few players ready for the next game quickly and easily.

It’s also very easy to get an A grade on this drill the first time you play it.

In-game Set Pieces

FIFA 22 Manager Career Training (In Menus)

This drill isn’t the most rewarding in terms of Match Sharpness (+6) but it allows you to train 5 players at a cost of 10 Fitness.

The issue is that it might be harder to get an A grade instantly unless you’re a skilled set-piece taker. Fortunately, the game doesn’t force you to score directly from the set piece (you can pass to a teammate from a free kick) and scoring isn’t the only thing that gives you points.

Once you do get a high grade, this will be one of the best drills if you want to train up the maximum amount of players at once.

The Best Training Drills for a Player

If you’re working on developing your player in Career Mode, the best training drills to choose will be the ones that give you the most XP. While you might want to play all drills at least once to get the 500 XP for each new drill, after that, it’s all about focusing on the best drills that provide a significant XP boost.

One of the best Career Mode player growth tips is to play each drill manually at the beginning of your career since there is an XP boost for playing a drill rather than simulating. That’s why the difficulty of a drill comes into play as well.

If you’ll be playing each drill to get a boost, you want to make sure it’s a drill in which you can consistently get A grades without investing too much time or effort. The last thing you want is to waste time replaying FIFA 22 Career Mode training drills to get an additional 300 XP.

Dribbling Maze

Dribbling Maze is an incredibly easy training drill that’s almost impossible to fail. All you need to do is go through the gates and score on an empty net at the end. Missing either the gates or the goal will result in missed points but don’t worry – even missing some of those will result in an A grade.

I’ve had several sessions where I just sprinted through most of the gates and lost control of my player several times, and I still got an A.

The drill provides 1,200 XP along with a 300 XP bonus if you play the drill manually, which you should definitely do at the beginning of your career. That’s why this is one of the best drills – it pretty much guarantees 1,500 XP every time you play it.

Under Pressure

This drill also gets you 1,200 XP but it’s not as easy to get an A as with the Dribbling Maze drill.

The goal is to dribble around the keeper and score a goal. The game suggests that you use a fake shot to trick the keeper and go around him but I found that simply changing the direction quickly is much easier and more effective (possibly because my player still has low Dribbling).

Once you get an A, this drill should become a regular in your rotation, either for simming or playing manually.

PK Against the Keeper

The replayability of this drill is quite low: it’s pretty hard to consistently get an A+ unless you have a high Penalty rating. Since most players focus on other attributes in the early stages of their career, completing this drill will be harder than usual.

Still, the drill provides 1,200 XP and, if you just want to sim your way through training, it’s one of the best options.

Collect the Trophies

On the other hand, if you want to play all your drills manually for maximum XP, Collect the Trophies is one of the best drills available.

It’s incredibly easy to complete – it takes less than a minute and it’s not challenging. Just don’t try to dribble around the defensive player since the goal is to shield the ball. Simply move in any direction and the defender will stand behind you so that you can go around the field and collect trophies while shielding.

If you’re all about playing drills manually, Collect the Trophies, Under Pressure, and Dribbling Maze will give you 4,300 XP combined. They’re also easy to complete and will take very little of your time.

Final Word

The best training drills in Career Mode are the ones that provide the most Match Sharpness/XP while being easy to execute.

Take these drills that we went through in this article and create a good mix to keep your training fresh and player(s) ready to perform. At the end of the day, it’s all about having fun as well so don’t just go for the drills that have the most benefits. Experiment and have fun with your drills – it’s a big part of the game so try to enjoy it!