When you play as a goalkeeper, a single mistake can lead to a goal. So, before you jump into your game, it’s worth learning how to play as a goalkeeper in FIFA 22 Pro Clubs and all the little bits and pieces that would help you concede as few goals as possible.

In this article, I’ll show you all the FIFA 22 goalkeeper controls that you need to be aware of and then tell you about a few simple but crucial mistakes that a lot of goalkeepers make that seriously hamper their overall performance in net.

FIFA 22 Goalkeeper Controls

Before you can even think about becoming the goalkeeper for your Pro Clubs team, you first need to learn the controls and how to use them. Below, I’ve outlined a simple table that you can refer to even during a game.

Goalkeeper ActionPlaystationXbox
Drop Kick◯ or ▢B or X
Drop BallY
Pick Up BallR1RB
Driven ThrowR1 + XRB + A
Driven KickR1 + ▢RB + X
Move GoalkeeperHold R3 + R in any directionHold RS + R in any direction
Cover Far PostHold R3Hold RS
Switch To GoalkeeperTouchPad ButtonView Button

Before you jump into a game, I would strongly advise you to practice playing as a keeper in the practice arena/skill games. There, you’ll learn all the basics that will help you perform on a somewhat decent level and prevent you from making silly mistakes.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

With the complete freedom of building your dream in Pro Clubs on FIFA 22, some players make crucial mistakes on and off the field that end up costing them the decent level of performance that they would have otherwise been able to achieve.

Not Following the On-Field Positioning Guidance

In Pro Clubs, when you play as a keeper, you’ll be given automatic guidance for the best positioning of your player for whatever is currently happening onto the pitch. I can’t begin to describe how much that simple guidance has helped me stay in position and not concede any simple goals.

If you can’t really be bothered moving your player around in accordance with where the guidance circle moves, simply hold L1 for PS or LB for Xbox. Following the goalkeeper controls in FIFA 22 is crucial for keeping a clean sheet.

Not Using Your Knowledge as a Player

If you’ve played FIFA for some time, I’m sure you’ve scored a couple of goals and have maybe even developed your own technique of getting the ball at the back of the net.

For the most experienced FIFA players out there who are now trying to play as a goalkeeper in pro clubs, my biggest tip for you to is to use your knowledge as a player and counter all of those field player strategies when you play as a keeper.

That’s equally as important as knowing all the FIFA 22 Pro Clubs goalkeeper controls.

For example, a lot of players like to cut in so they can curl the ball past the keeper with ease. As a keeper, you can simply move slightly to the side (where you would typically expect such a shot), and that will help you reach the ball no matter how curled it ends up being.

You can use your knowledge as a field player in virtually any position including corner kicks, free kicks, 1-on-1’s and even penalties.

Making Your Player Too Heavy or Too Short

Even though it’s Pro Clubs and the sky is the limit, for pretty obvious reasons, you shouldn’t make your player 5ft2 and 200lbs. On the flip side of the coin, you also don’t want to make the keeper 6ft7 and 140lbs if you want optimal in-game performance.

He’ll either be too small and slow or too tall, slow and without great reflexes, which are absolutely crucial attributes for a good keeper. The perfect keeper height and weight for Pro Clubs, in my opinion, is 6ft2 at no more than 170 lbs.

Final Thoughts

Playing as a goalkeeper can be pretty tough, especially when your defensive line isn’t doing a whole lot to prevent direct shots at the goal. However, learning the ropes of being a goalkeeper, reading the game well, and avoiding silly mistakes will help you take your team to victory.