Attacking is one of the most sought-after playing positions in Volta in FIFA 22. I mean, who wouldn’t want to play as a striker and be solely responsible for scoring all the goals? I personally would. It sounds like a great challenge and a whole lot of fun.

But, before you can take on such big responsibility for your entire team, you need to create the best attacking build in Volta in FIFA 22. Unlike in FIFA 21, this time around, things are a little bit different, and having played Volta for some time now, I’ve had the chance to explore and find out what works the best – as far as an attacking build is concerned.

So, after finding some great success with my attacking build in Volta in FIFA 22, I wanted to share that with you so you can replicate my exact player characteristics, skill tree, body type – the whole lot, so that you too can find success and lead your team to victory every time.

Athletic Build

The athletic structure of your attacking build will play a crucial part in the performance you can expect from your attacking player both immediately and later down the line.

I’ve found that the perfect height for my attacking player is 5’10” and the perfect weight to be 132 lbs because that gives my player a very decent combination of acceleration, speed, strength, and reactions.

If you do decide to make your player shorter or/and lighter, you’ll gain some acceleration but you’ll shave off some of the strength, which isn’t ideal when you get into physical contact with the defenders. On the flip side, if you decide to increase the height or weight of the player, you’ll lose on sprint speed and acceleration but gain on strength and jumping.

Signature Abilities

Attacking Build Siganture Abilities

As far as signature abilities are concerned, this one is really up to you. In FIFA 22, you can pick one out of three signature abilities. They include Aggressive Tackle, Pure Pace, and Power Strike.

As an attacking player, I’d put my emphasis either on Power Striker or Pure Pace. For my attacking build, I’ve decided to go for Pure Pace because I am pretty confident in my striking abilities and don’t feel like I need the help of the Power Strike.

Pure Pace gives my avatar a temporary boost in pace, which I’ve found to be super advantageous. I can practically get the ball and run through every opposing player and end up in 1v1 situations at least twice before the ability runs out.

It’s a great way of pretty much guaranteeing yourself a goal. Don’t take my word for it. Try it for yourself and you’ll see what I am talking about.

Best Attacking Skill Tree in Volta in FIFA 22

The most important part of any avatar is the skill tree. Having played Volta on FIFA 21 and looking at it in FIFA 22, they aren’t any major differences aside from improve gameplay mechanics, which isn’t something we’ll talk about in this article.

Note: As you can see from the image above, I’ve so far only managed to unlock 40 out of the total 120 skill points. Now that I know exactly how to get more skill points in Volta in FIFA 22, I’ll be grinding out FIFA until I reach my goal of 120 total skill points.

But, I’ve planned everything ahead. I know where every single one of my future skill points will go, and I want to share that with you.

As you can see from the image above, I’ve maxed out the ball curve aspect of my avatar’s shooting abilities. This is because, in FIFA 22, I’ve noticed that curved goals go in significantly easier than any other type of goal.

As for the other 80 still-to-be-earned skill points, I’ll put 31 straight down the middle to unlock shot power. That leaves us with 49 points left. From those 49 points, 40 points will go to midfield and will copy the exact same trajectory as the shooting side of my avatar. As for the last 9 points, go back to shooting and upgrade the first three attributes to the very right, which are volleys, heading, and volleys.

Now that you’ve spent all 120 of your skill points, you’ll really have a master-class of an attacking player.

Using all of the skill points, we’ve managed to max out the player’s ball curve, shooting (including long shots), and ball control/dribbling abilities.

Yes, we briefly touched upon heading the ball and volleys but we had no skill points left and to be honest, I doubt you’ll get a lot of opportunities to volley the ball unless you really do set up yourself for those in which case, you should look for a different build.

Final Thoughts

And that’s all. You’ve just gone through the best attacking build in Volta in FIFA 22. Do note that I designed this build based on my personal experience and knowledge of the game mode. You are more than welcome to partially or fully copy my skill tree layout to get an amazing attacking avatar.