Increasing your level quicker on FIFA 22’s Volta game mode means that you’ll not only get more skill points to develop your avatar but you’ll also unlock more volta coins, which will allow you to customize the overall looks of your player by being able to afford a range of accessories and clothing.

I am going to be honest, leveling up on FIFA 22 Volta is a grind. There’s no quick way to do it per se, however, it is possible for you to play all the right game modes in order to level up faster than you would if you played just about anything that you came across.

So, in this short read, I’ll show you the best and the fastest way to level up in Volta on FIFA 22.

Play Volta Battles

The fastest way you can level up is to play Volta Battles. When I said that it was a grind to level up, that’s what I mean. You’ll literally need to play game after game and win, in order to gather as much XP as you possibly can.

To win a FIFA 22 Volta Battles game, you or your team needs to score a total of 5 goals. After 5 goals are scored (either for or against your team), the game will end, match rewards will be given, and that’s that.

Stick to 3v3 Matches


Now, when it comes to playing Volta Battles, it is crucial that you don’t just play any game that you come across. That is a mistake and will cause you to level up slower than you actually can. Why? Because some matches are 5v5, some are 4v4, and others are 3v3.

What you want to go ahead and do is only play the 3v3 matches. This is because, in 3v3 matches, there is no goalkeeper, making the scoring of those five goals much faster than if you were to play 5v5 or 4v4 games.

Choose an Adequate Level of Difficulty

In FIFA 22 Volta Battles, regardless of whether you play 3v3 or 5v5 matches, you can decide what level of difficulty you want to play against. The more difficult your opponent, the more XP you’ll get. However, what is worth noting is that playing on Legendary just because you get 3x the XP as opposed to playing against complete beginners isn’t always a smart idea.

This is because legendary players are very difficult to play against. Their placement is perfect, their passing is perfect, and for shots, well, they hardly miss. And the fact that you don’t have a GK in 3v3 matches, you can guess what that means.

So, you should always play against a level of difficulty that you feel comfortable with or even confident in and that you will win every single one of the matches you enter. No point trying to win max points when your chances of winning are 20%. It’s not worth it.

Note: If you happen to lose a game, you’ll also lose 1 skill point.

Here’s a breakdown of the different difficulties and the XP you get per win.

  • Beginner – 250
  • Amateur – 350
  • Semi-Pro – 450
  • Professional – 550
  • World Class – 650
  • Legendary – 750

Regardless of your experience as a Volta FIFA 22 player, I’ve found that Amateur difficulty is the best both in terms of generating the most XP possible. The players are super easy to play against and you end up getting 350 XP just after 5 goals, which should take you no more than 1-2 minutes.

Of course, make sure to pick the level of difficulty that best suits you.

Complete Your Objectives

Completing your weekly objectives will give you some additional XP, which will directly contribute towards leveling up faster. Though you won’t get a ton of experience points from completing your objectives, with each one, in the end, they all add up and if you keep count of your earned XP from objectives, you’d be surprised how much XP you earn overtime.

Do note that your objectives reset every week so don’t forget to complete them as soon as the new set of objectives are released.

Final Thoughts

When you play the Volta game mode, you’ll naturally level up over time. If you want to level up fast, however, there are a couple of things that you can do to speed up the process and achieve your desired results faster.

Hopefully, by following my short but simple instructions above, you’ll be able to quickly pop into 3v3 games, beat your opponent, gather the needed XP, and rinse and repeat.