Becoming a star and winning everything there is to win on the biggest stage starts with hard work and steady FIFA 22 career mode development.

We already wrote about how to improve players in FIFA 22 as a manager. As a player, it’s much different – you can take full control of your progress, decide exactly what kind of player you want to be, and guide your career towards that goal. To do this, you need to put in the work in training and make the most out of every chance your manager gives you.

Once you keep doing this at a steady rate, you’ll be able to break into the first team and start making a name for yourself.

Let’s get to some of the best FIFA 22 player career mode tips that will help you become a starter in Career Mode and start making a difference.

Focus on the Right Attributes

Rather than trying to build your perfect player right from the start, you should focus on the most important attributes for your position and build from there. Player growth in FIFA 22 is definitely a process and you shouldn’t rush it.

Your dream might be to create a strong and quick striker with a clinical finish (think Lewandowski) but it takes a long time to get to that point. What you should start with instead is Sprint Speed, Acceleration, and Finishing – this will give you a head start so you can get open and put yourself in positions to score. Investing in Set Pieces and Passing in this early stage wouldn’t make too much sense.

After you’ve established a good base, you can work on your Strength, Heading, Passing, and other attributes. Going through a single skill tree early in the game will allow you to get your first Archetype which can be a massive boost to your attributes – more on that in the following section.

Choose Your Best Archetypes and Perks

Archetypes are badges you can equip that essentially represent the peak of a particular type of player. You have to work your way down a specific skill tree to get to the one (or two) archetype found on the bottom. They require more skill points than any other upgrade but they also provide a big attribute boost.

You can only reach so many Archetypes early on so take your time to explore and figure out what type of player you want to be and which skills you need in the beginning.

As for Perks, the first Perk slot is available as soon as you start your career, the second one unlocks at level 9, and the third one at level 19. The good thing is that you can switch your Perks whenever you want so you can create a new build for each game depending on the opponent.

Some Perks boost only your attributes while others provide a boost for the entire squad. Personally, I like to have at least one Perk for the entire team in my rotation, sometimes even two if we’re going into a really important game against a big club.

Like Archetypes, the best Perks in FIFA 22 will also depend on your position and playing style. Some offensive Perks that are definitely worth looking into include Clutch Finisher, Distance Shooter, Threaded Pass, and Active First Touch. Interesting defensive perks include Ball Winner, Last Defender, Defensive Closer, and Lock Down.

Take Your Training Seriously

In Career Mode, training plays a crucial role in both developing your player and getting more playing time. Each training session will get you more XP which will increase your level and get you more skill points. It will also increase your Manager Rating and keep you in the starting lineup.

There are two things you need to keep in mind when it comes to training. First, you need to choose the best training drills. There is a significant XP bonus for you to play each drill at least once but, after you do, you should stick to the drills that offer the most XP.

Second, you should try to play drills manually instead of simulating them every time. While this may get boring after a while, each drill has a 300 XP play bonus. Since you can do three drills per week, playing each one manually would give you a 900 extra XP, which is pretty much like playing an extra drill.

This might not be that important in your second or third season but you should definitely be looking for that additional XP early in your career.

Play as Many Games as You Can

Finally, you should avoid simulating games since this provides very little XP. In your early career, you’ll want to play every possible game to maximise the XP gained and progress more quickly.

Each goal, assist, fulfilled match objective, high rating, etc. gives you more XP which will get you to the next level and provide more skill points. Simulating a game eliminates this extra XP and only gives you a fixed amount of points that slowly increases as you progress through levels.

Playing games will also enable you to achieve a high Manager Rating and stay a starter.

Final Word

These FIFA 22 Career Mode player growth tips are pretty much all you need to do to progress in the game as a player.

Keep making the most out of your minutes, put in work on the training field, and you’ll be halfway there. The rest is up to you – Perks and Archetypes are things you’ll have a lot of fun with and something that will determine the type of player you want to be.

Just remember to choose the training drills that offer the most XP and don’t go overboard with simming games!