Before stopping Garuda, you must make your way to the Eikon of Wind by facing numerous Wind Elementals on your path.

Each Wind Elemental represents a fragment of Benedikta’s shattered mind, indicating her deteriorating sanity after you’ve beaten Garuda’s Dominant.

Engaging in combat with these Elementals will likely result in taking damage and potentially using multiple potions.

We know that this fights are avoidable. However, the rewards make it a worthwhile endeavor.

Wind Elementals Grant Experience and Items

If you want to have a smooth ride through Final Fantasy 16’s story, you might want to consider every opportunity to make Clive stronger.

By doing so, you can make future fights and item crafting easier, having more gil and a greater supply of crafting items to make better weapons and armor when you need them.

Especially considering that Wind Elementals drop items that you won’t find anywhere else this early in the game.

What Do Wind Elementals Drop?

Defeating Wind Elementals grants you crafting items and a substantial amount of Experience Points.

The best item dropped by them is the Clouded Eye, an component required for crafting Bastard Swords.

Though not the most powerful weapons, crafting and enhancing Bastard Swords at this part of the game will enable you to conserve gil for potions and other expendable items for a while.

This will prove invaluable in your next encounter with Garuda, ensuring a smoother battle.

Once you have triumphed over the Wind Elementals, return to Cid’s Hideout, obtain a Bastard Sword, and consult the blacksmith.

Enhance the Bastard Sword to at least +2, giving you a significant advantage. Then, visit the shop to replenish your potion supply, as you may have expended them during the Wind Elemental fight.

Armed with an upgraded sword and a full stock of potions and high potions, you are now prepared to confront Benedikta and prevent the destruction of the entire region.

It’s important to note that upgrading a Bastard Sword requires a lower version of the weapon, so ample crafting will be necessary.

Bastard Sword Crafting Recipe

To craft a Bastard Sword, you will need:

  • Clouded Eye: 1
  • Wyrrite: 55
  • Magiked Ash: 10

Wyrrite can typically be found in various shops, while Magiked Ash can be obtained by defeating the plant monsters in the forest leading up to the Garuda fight and the subsequent Rosaria area.

Remember, Clouded Eyes, as mentioned earlier, are dropped exclusively by Wind Elementals.