Street racing returns in Forza Horizon 5, but they are not underground anymore. Instead, they have been recognized by the Horizon Festival organizers and have decided to include them in the festival roster, making them a legitimate branch of the Horizon Festival called the Forza Horizon 5 Street Scene.

With an emphasis on tuning and customizing cars, the racers in this festival might only have cheap cars, but the engines under those hoods would put a supercar to shame.

In this guide, we will be looking at how you can unlock the Forza Horizon 5 street racing festival, what you can do to ensure that you get the maximum number of accolades when doing the expedition for it, and what this festival brings to the Horizon Festival as a whole.

How Do You Unlock Horizon Street Scene?

In order to unlock the street racing festival, you must first unlock Horizon Apex and then gain enough accolades in order to unlock a new Adventure. Afterward, you need to unlock the Guanajuato Expedition located on the Horizon Street Scene ticket.

Once you have unlocked the Guanajuato Expedition race, simply drive to the Forza Horizon 5 street scene location on the map and start the event. It is located at the north end of the map. Its icon is purple with buildings as its main feature, symbolizing Guanajuato.

Part 1: A Race to the City; How to Complete the Guanajuato Expedition

The Guanajuato Expedition is a race divided into two parts. You will be driving a widebody Toyota GR Supra which will be provided in the mission. The first part has you racing against Rami in a Dodge Viper ACR.

The first objective of this expedition is to simply race Rami into Guanajuato while you guys talk about a mysterious racer called “El Jefe” who is known to be the leader of the street racing scene in Mexico.

Rami tells you that he might be able to introduce you to El Jefe so that you can introduce to him the idea of a street racing festival.

Once you have both made it into Guanajuato, you will need to drive through the city’s tunnels in order to bypass a pop-up cafe set in the middle of the street. The tunnels are very tight so make sure to brake accordingly or risk hitting the walls and losing Rami.

The final objective of the first part is unlocked once you have exited the tunnels. You must now beat Rami to the Basilica in order for the story to progress. This section has a very tight hairpin corner which is a great place to pass Rami if you lost the lead in the previous sections.

Upon crossing the finish line, both you and Rami take a break in front of the Basilica to talk about the street racing scene in Guanajuato and if you can meet El Jefe. Turns out Rami was El Jefe all along.

From here, Rami welcomes you into the street racing club and you both then get back into your cars and start to race out of Guanajuato and head towards the Horizon Street Scene outpost located just outside the city.

Part 2: The Street Scene Outpost; Finishing the Guanajuato Expedition

After a bit of racing, you encounter a ramp that takes you away from the city and into the road leading to the outpost. You are also greeted by Rami’s friends in a Dodge Challenger Hellcat and a Nissan GT-R R35 which leads to a four-way race to the outpost.

Finishing position upon reaching the outpost does not matter so you can relax or just have fun with Rami and his buddies while you race towards the outpost. When you arrive at the outpost, you are greeted by the festival-goers, and the Horizon Street Scene is officially opened for you to access.

Rewards for Unlocking the Horizon Street Scene

Completing the Guanajuato Expedition rewards you the Nissan Skyline R32, a bunch of accolades, and the outpost as another Festival hub where you can fast travel to, enter your garage and showroom, and customize your cars, (it appears as a purple Horizon logo on the map).

You will also unlock all the street races available in the game (except for the final one which requires another Adventure token to unlock), marked as light purple icons on the map.

Street races differ from normal road racing events in that most of the events will happen at odd hours like during dawn, dusk, or night. They also won’t have the normal Horizon flags as their checkpoints, instead opting for flares that will light the way during the poorly-lit conditions.

Races will also not have any barriers in the corners and traffic will spawn, making these races a bit more of a challenge since there will essentially be obstacles during your races.

Final Thoughts

While the Guanajuato Expedition has no optional objectives and ends up as just a 1-on-1 race, the spectacle it produces is still pretty good. Rami is always a pleasure to listen to as he narrates his stories regarding his stints as El Jefe and the set pieces are a treat to look at.

The rewards are great too. Having another festival hub is always a treat though and street racing is a whole different beast from the other races due to how bare their races are. You will really feel like an underground racer when racing on these routes.

Next, I recommend checking out how to unlock the cross-country racing festival. It’s a pretty fun event as well!