In God of War, players could hunt Valkyries to challenge themselves against similar but different hidden bosses throughout the nine realms.

It isn’t that different this time. However, players will be on the hunt for berserkers instead of fighting Valkyries.

However, in order to do that, you must first know where to find them and what to do. That said, this is why you need The Inert Hilt of Skofnung.

If you got this item and didn’t know what to do with it, here’s how to use The Inert Hilt of Skofnung in God of War Ragnarok.

How to Use The Inert Hilt of Skofnung

In God of War Ragnarok, you will naturally come across the inert hilt of Skofnung. It is found during the main storyline, although it exerts no influence on it at all.

Once you finish the ninth path of the main story, The World of Fate, Kratos will have access to the item and will already be relatively close to a berserker gravestone.

The gravestones all have something on them that looks like a keyhole. The first time you see one, Mimir will make that observation. With the inert hilt of Skofnung, Kratos can awaken a berserker.

Berserkers are hidden, optional boss fights, much like the Valkyries in God of War 2018. Defeating a berserker grants you experience and items.

Defeating them all finishes a favor and also grants you the Hilt of Skofnung relic.


Midgard, the world of mortals, has two gravestones. One of them is an actual berserker gravestone located right under the Shores of Nine.

The other one is not a berserker servant but the king himself.

Lake of Nine

There’s a berserker’s gravestone near the door that leads to a Mystic Gateway — the wooden door that lets you fast-travel in God of War Ragnarok.

Lake of the Nine

If you defeat Fraekni the Zealous, you will get a Berserker Waist Guard, Bonded Leather, Tempered Remnants, and Shattered Runes.

Fraekni is possibly one of the easiest berserkers to deal with. She doesn’t have elemental attacks, and her unblockable strikes are very telegraphed, making them fairly easy to dodge.

The most dangerous thing is to let her get away with charging against you. When she does that, pay attention to her attack and learn the timing so you can safely dodge and strike back.

King’s Grave

King Hrolf Kraki, the ruler of the twelve berserkers, is your final challenge.

You cannot fight this boss unless you have defeated the twelve berserkers, so you have many graves to visit before coming here.

His grave is located to the east of the Mystical Gateway in The Eternal Campfire, in the King’s Grave.

King Hrolf Kraki is the most powerful of the berserkers, as you should expect, and his move set includes many moves of the berserkers you fought before him.

Fortunately, unlike some of the berserkers you fought, King Hrolf Kraki won’t summon creatures to disrupt you while you two fight.

This is an honored fight that provides a great reward.

Upon defeating the king of the Berserkers, you will get Helheim’s Virtue Enchantment, Bonded Leather, Shattered Runes, and, most importantly, the Powered Hilt of Skofnung Relic.


The realm of the dwarves has quite a few Berserkers. One of them, the Applecore one, might be a bit hard to reach.

Check the maps to know their locations.

You will come across one of these Berserkers quite early in the game, but you might want to start from Fraekni before facing the ones in Svartalfheim.


Applecore Berserker

This is where you face Bodvar the Fierce and Starolfr the Troublesome.

This battle is trouble, and I recommend you clear all the others and farm your gear before trying this one.

Bodvar the Fierce and Starolfr the Troublesome will be incredibly hard to fight, depending on the difficulty chosen, and can be a pain to defeat.

Once you are done with them, your reward will be Shattered Runes, Tempered Remnants, Bonded Leather, and Hind of the Nine Realms.

The good news is that they don’t cause any status effects. You won’t have to worry, for instance, about being poisoned or set on fire.

However, this doesn’t mean this fight will be easy to manage. The attacks won’t stop coming, forcing you to constantly parry one to interrupt the other.

Another problem you will face when fighting Bodvar and Starolfr is that they have different move sets, so it might take you a while to learn how to handle them both at the same time.

Myrkr Tunnels

This gravestone is not in the tunnels but on the beach that leads to it. You can reach it by using the nearest Mystic Gateway.


This gravestone is not in the tunnels but on the beach that leads to it. You can reach it by using the nearest Mystic Gateway.

Hardrefill the Callous is one of the easiest Berserkers. It is very possible that you will be able to defeat him as soon as you find his gravestone.

As a reward for defeating him, players will receive Shattered Runes, Tempered Remnants, Bonded Leather, and Asgard’s Fortitude Enchantment.

Much like Fraekni the Zealous, Hardrefill the Callous has a charging attack that you cannot let him get away with. Dodge his attacks, learn his pattern, and strike back whenever you can.

This fight won’t be hard, and he won’t be using any status effects against you.

Alberich Island

Alberich Island in Svartalfheim 2

This is where you will find Beigadr the Feared.

Although he has a cool title to accompany a cool-sounding name, Beigadr the Feared isn’t one of the scariest Berserker fights in God of War.

Defeating you grants the usual Shattered Runes, Bonded Leather, and Tempered Remnants, and you also get Asgard’s Might Enchantment.

The most annoying thing about this berserker is the fact he has access to electric attacks that put you in Shock.

This status is a bit harder than others to remove, so pay attention to its patterns and avoid attacks that will cause Shock on Kratos. Beigadr is very aggressive and is certainly more complicated to handle the Hardrefill.


The realm of the light elves and dark elves has two graves.

The Barrens

The first berserker of this realm will be found in The Barrens, to the southeast.

The location of this particular berserker is somewhat near the starting point of the favor to clear the sandstorm in Alfheim.

Alfheim Berserker 1

I don’t know who came up with the idea of putting the player against three berserkers, but this is what you’ll face here.

Svipdagr the Cold and the Sisters of Illska will prove to be one of the toughest fights in this berserker gravestone saga.

Not because these three berserkers are individually hard, but because, for obvious reasons, fighting three bosses at the same time won’t be an easy task.

If you defeat them, you will receive a Frozen Flame, Asgard’s Security Enchantment, Tempered Remnants, Bonded Leather, Shattered Runes, and Berserker Cuirass.

The Forbidden Sands

This area is an even deeper area into the desert of Alfheim. It is a large area with many favors and another sandstorm that needs clearing.

This is where you will find the second berserker gravestone of Alfheim.

Forbidden Sands Berserker 1

Although Hjalti the Stolid is a powerful foe, he faces you alone, unlike the other berserker in Alfheim. This alone is already good news.

As a reward for defeating him, players get Bonded Leather, Grip of the Nine Realms, Tempered Remnants, and Shattered Runes.

Hjalti the Stolid doesn’t cause any status effect on you. He is a hard-hitting foe with some quick attacks and a long health bar.

It all comes down to learning his patterns, dodging, parrying, and not losing opportunities to strike back. There are no poisonous attacks, ongoing fire damage, or shock status to complicate this fight.


Vanaheim, the realm of Freya and Freyr, has two of the graves you are looking for. Much like the ones in Alfheim, the first one is in the first region, but the second one won’t be that easy to reach.

Pilgrim’s Landing

The first berserker’s gravestone is on the beach of Pilgrim’s Landing and should be easy to find.

Pilgrims Landing

Once you find the gravestone and use the sword hilt, you will face Hvitserkr the Bold.

The rewards you receive after defeating him are Pommels of the Nine Realms and the usual Bonded Leather, Shattered Runes, and Tempered Remnants.

Hvitserkr is annoying because he doesn’t fight alone. There are constant nightmares and Seidr showing up to make your life harder.

Although they are not the most complex enemies to deal with, having them around while Hvitserkr attacks you will quickly prove to be much more than a simple nuisance.

The Crater

In order to access The Crater, you must first finish the Return of the River quest.

This gravestone will be located in The Sinkholes. It’s on a small island to the southeast of The Crater Entrance mystic gateway.

sinkholes 2

Haklangr the Bearded is among the most powerful berserkers you will find. This must be why the rewards you get from him are that good.

Haklangr will drop a Chaos Flame, which is already worth a boss fight. On top of that, you will also get Tempered Remnants, Bonded Leather, and Shattered Runes after beating this boss.

Besides being a hard-hitting enemy, there are no special attacks or status effects that Haklangr will use to complicate the fight. However, make sure that you’ve been grinding enough to face this battle.

It might not be the hardest of the berserker boss fights, but it is undoubtedly a tough one.


There is only one berserker gravestone in Niflheim, and it is in Mist Fields, to the southwest of the Frozen Caverns. Take the road moving west from the Mystic Gateway, and you will find it.

This is where you will find AAA. Beating him will grant you the usual Tempered Remnants, Bonded Leather, and Shattered Runes. It will also grant you Berserker Gauntlets.

Skjothendi the Unerring is one of the most powerful berserkers. He is especially dangerous because he inflicts a lot of Bifrost damage with his attacks.

If you can’t get rid of the Bifrost, there’s a good chance that his berserker will be able to take most, if not all, of your health away with a single attack.