In Hogwarts Legacy, gold or currency comes in the form of Galleons.

Galleons are easy to collect, but the sheer amount of items to buy will always leave you needing more.

It costs a lot of money to buy and upgrade your broom. Buying scrolls and recipes takes the biggest chunk of your money too.

Apart from those, you still need to buy items to finish assignments. Whatever you have left will go towards your cosmetics. You’ll need a go-to way to make money, regardless of your story progression.

We will show you the best way to make Galleons and buy anything you can get your hands on.

Best Farm Method

Frog Capturing

The best farming method by far is capturing beasts and selling them.

This mechanic or farming method only unlocks when you have finished the Beasts Class main story quest.

The quest comes after the Percival Rackham trials.

You’ll unlock the nab-sack, which will give you the ability to capture and store beasts.

Before we get to the method, here are things you need to know first:

  • All beasts cost 120 Galleons each when sold. It doesn’t matter if the beast you caught is rare or hard to catch
  • Beast dens have a fixed number of beast spawns per den location
  • To reset the spawns of a beast den, you need to go at least 100 meters away from the den and skip a day or night. Fast traveling doesn’t reset the spawns
  • You only have a total of 35 beast slots, including your mountable beasts
  • Arresto Momentum can stop a beast from moving, allowing an easier capture

Look at the Highlands map (outside area) and zoom in on the map. You’ll see a lot of different icons. Focus on all the beast dens scattered around the map.

Puffskein Capture

Choose any beast den you want, preferably those close to each other and close to a Floo Flame (but not too close).

Some beast dens are close to other beast dens. Others have less than three or four spawns per location. Beasts like the Unicorn takes six button presses to capture a single Unicorn.

Certain beast types all have different behaviors. Toads are slow. Unicorns run away fast. Other beast types can even teleport to a short distance.

My beast farm location

Beast Farm for Galleons HL

After farming for a few hours and testing the mechanics, the best spot is the Puffskein Den near the Rockwood Castle Floo Flame.

The den might be at least 300 meters from the Floo Flame, but it is still the best spot I’ve ever farmed.

The Puffskein Den spawns six Puffskeins in a small area. You can capture a Puffskein in one press of a button. Compared to the other beasts, this is the fastest one you can capture.

They don’t run away as much. If you stand at the max radius of the nab-sack, the Puffskeins won’t run away from you.

Repeat these steps:

  1. Fast travel to the Rockwood Castle Floo Flame (only the first time)
  2. Fly to the Puffskein Den
  3. Catch all six Puffskeins
  4. Fast travel back to Rockwood Castle Floo Flame
  5. Open your map and skip a day/night
  6. Repeat step 2

Since you only have 35 beast slots, you can only do five rotations. Go to Hogsmeade to sell the beasts and repeat again.

Selling Beasts

This specific farm method gives roughly 15,500 – 16,500 Galleons per hour (15-16 minutes after five rotations). It might be slightly lower since it also takes a minute to sell in Hogsmeade every five rotations.

However, farming for 2 to 3 hours should already be enough to buy almost anything in the game. You might need more, depending on how you play. Follow the other ways to get Galleons below, and money shouldn’t be an issue until you unlock the nab-sack.

Most Simple Farm Methods

Gear collecting and selling

Equipment or gear can drop in almost all forms of content in the game.

Eliminating random enemies in the map can give you raw Galleon drops or gear items.

Opening random chests and bags, or finishing side quests can give you gear drops as well.

You only have six equipable gear slots for your character. That means almost every other gear you pick up is worse than the other.

Sell every single gear that isn’t an upgrade, unless you hold a gear with a specific trait for a build.

You’ll end up with a few thousand Galleons every time your gear inventory gets full, and you have to sell.

Mimic or eyeball chests

As you explore the Hogwarts castle, you should’ve already encountered those silver-looking chests with an eye on top. When you approach the chest, they are alerted. You cannot open the chest if they are aware.

The trick here is to use the Disillusionment spell before going near them. Sneak towards the chest while stealth and open the chest.

Each mimic or eyeball chest contains 500 Galleons. Considering many of them are in Hogwarts castle, you’ll have enough money to buy everything you need early in the game.

The Disillusionment spell is unlocked on the first library quest. You’ll also encounter a mimic chest during the quest.

These mimic chests also have other locations in Hogsmeade and the Highlands area. Keep an eye out for them, or use Revelio as often as possible.

Farming random enemies

Fighting Random Enemies Galleon Farm

When you explore the Highlands area, you’ll constantly see a bunch of enemies roaming around. You can fight them for some experience points and some random loot spawns. Beasts will mostly drop materials for crafting, but the bandits, poachers, and wizards can drop gear or gold.

Bandit camps have an icon on the map too. These camps contain random lootable chests and gold lying around.

If you encounter these enemies on the way to your destination, you might as well eliminate the enemies.

It’ll build up towards your challenge progression, where you can unlock more gear appearances for your character.

Side quests

Side quests reward you with experience points, gear, appearances, wand handles, and Galleons. Not every quest gives you Galleons as a reward, but you can pay attention to the dialogue and request an extra reward when given the option.

The NPC won’t like you for it, but business is business. If you don’t have the beast capturing unlocked, you can try to be stingy.

What to Do Next?

When you have all the money in the wizarding world, you can buy anything to help you in combat. Instead of using every spell in the game, you can use every potion and combat plant in every fight.

Upgrade your Room of Requirement by buying all the scrolls and recipes from all the shops in Hogsmeade. Conjure all the plant and potion stations.

Craft every single resource you have and start collecting items. Having an unlimited stock of potions and plants will make the game a breeze from here.