Hogwarts Legacy is a dream for gamers who like completing collections and finding ways to make their in-game characters look unique.

There are lots of pieces of gear to collect in this game, with some having great stats and others having unique appearances.

If you’ve found a piece of gear with amazing stats but an appearance that you dislike, don’t worry. You can change the appearance without losing the stats.

Here’s a speedy guide on how to change gear appearance in Hogwarts Legacy.

How to Customize Gear

To start off, open up the Field Guide menu and select the gear option in the top left corner.

From here, you’ll be able to see all the different gear categories. You’ll also be able to see a summary of your current stats, money, and level.

change apppearnace

Select the category that has the item you want to change the appearance of, and make sure that you have equipped the item itself.

Hover over the category, and select the ‘change appearance’ option.

change apppearnace equip

This will then open up the tab that allows you to change the item’s appearance. Here, you can pick from all your existing appearances and apply them to your chosen item.

change appearance

Hovering over the items will give you information about them. You’ll be able to see your standard gear items, as well as unique collection appearances too.

Pick the item that you want to copy the appearance of, select the ‘change appearance’ button, and then exit to the original gear menu. It will have saved your selection, but you can double check this by hovering over the gear slot again.

change appearance select

Now you’ll be able to see that your chosen appearance has been applied without losing out on any of the stats that the base item provides. You can change this at any point in the game.

This is a great way to make sure that your character is fully prepared for any tricky boss battles and encounters without losing out on any immersion by having them wear something that you’re not keen on.

You can also apply traits to your items, which is an extra handy feature to help prepare your character for battle and to make your gameplay experience more fun overall.

It’s possible to manually upgrade gear, too. The gearing system in Hogwarts Legacy is very versatile, and it’s worth spending some time in this menu exploring the different options so you know what different choices you can make to optimize your playthrough.

What to Do Next

Now that you know how to change the appearance of your gear in Hogwarts Legacy, why not head to Hogsmeade and buy some new pieces? There’s plenty for sale in the village, and quite a few hidden items that you can pick up for free as well.

It’s not just gear available in Hogsmeade, either. You can pick up potion ingredients and useful resources, and there are also interesting puzzles to solve. My favorite is the empty picture frame puzzle, similar to the Like a Moth to a Frame side quest.

If you’re struggling with your inventory space, you can increase your gear capacity easily. It requires some progress in the main story, but it’s a worthwhile use of your time.