Dodging is a common gameplay mechanic in most RPG games. It is a mechanic everyone should master to improve survivability.

In Hogwarts Legacy, dodging may seem hard to master because of all the magic involved. There are freeze, stun, curse, enchant, and disarm spells that can catch you off-guard.

You can dodge or block most of these spells or attacks – if you get the timings right. Hogwarts Legacy’s complex combat system allows more than dodging and blocking too.

Parrying and reflecting spells are also crucial combat mechanics to learn.

We will break down all these defensive mechanics, including dodging, blocking, and reflecting spells, to help you survive more.


Here are the controls you should know about dodging and blocking.

  • Circle (PlayStation) and B (Xbox) – Dodge Roll
  • X (PlayStation and A (Xbox) – Jump
  • Triangle (PlayStation) and Y (Xbox) – Block or Stupefy

Every button is close to each other, so you might get confused when you start playing.


Hogwarts Legacy Dodging Image

Dodge roll is the most basic dodge mechanic. Every time you feel like a spell is being cast in your direction, you can dodge roll immediately.

If your timing is off by being too early, you can always press the dodge roll again.

Practice your dodges with earlier timing, so you have more time to react if you fail. Reacting much later means that you are already taking the damage.

Jumping is another way of dodging, but it doesn’t cover as much distance from the attacks as rolling.

You can mix jumping and rolling even when there isn’t an incoming attack.

Always try to move around, so you don’t get caught off-guard.

It would be best if you timed your blocks for homing spells (attacks that follow you around). Some projectiles are slow, giving you more time to react with a block.

Stupefy counters

Stupefy is a combat spell that stuns the enemy. A Stupefy spell can be used when you perfectly time a block on an incoming attack. When you block the spell, you must hold the button until you cast Stupefy.

If you don’t hold the block button, you can still block the spell, but you won’t be able to counter with a Stupefy spell.

The mechanics are the same if you are familiar with parrying in other games.

In Hogwarts Legacy, you parry with a barrier and counter with a spell. Since the Stupefy spell stuns the enemy, they will be left open to attacks.

You will be free to unleash a deadly spell combo whenever you stun or Stupefy an enemy. You have to be wary when you are fighting multiple enemies at once.

When you Stupefy or stun an enemy, the others can still attack you and ruin your combo or attack.

Breaking Free from Status Effects

Stunned Hogwarts Legacy Dodging

There are a ton of spells available in Hogwarts Legacy. Some spells try to control, stun, freeze, curse, or disarm you, but you can break free from them when it hits you.

When the enemies try to control you through a spell, you will see a button pop up on top of your character.

You have to smash this button fast to break free.

Get your fingers ready to smash the button, so you don’t have to be a sitting duck when you get stunned or controlled.

Defensive Talents

These talents are all found in the core section of the talent tree.


Swift is possibly the best talent in the game. It gives you the ability to dash instantly by holding the dodge button. Use the directional pad to choose a direction and hold the dodge button.

You’ll instantly teleport/dash without the dodge roll animation. There is no cooldown for this, which makes it insanely good. It is even faster than sprinting!

Wiggenweld Potency

The Wiggenweld Potency increases the HP healed by your health potion. There are two talent upgrades for this one.

As you level up, you’ll notice your healing potion being a bit ineffective. This is because your HP is growing as you progress. You want your potions to have increased potency along with your progression.

Protego Absorption and Evasion Absorption

Protego Absorption is not really a defensive talent, but an offensive one. Every time you successfully use Protego (block), you’ll get a boost to your Ancient Magic meter.

When you do perfectly-timed Protegos (Stupefy), you get a bigger boost to your Ancient Magic meter.

Evasion Absorption has the same mechanics, but with dodges. Every time you dodge an attack, you get a boost to your Ancient Magic meter.

Stupefy Expertise

Stupefy Expertise adds damage to your Stupefies. It is a great way to start your combo, as the Stupefy spell already staggers the enemy.

Protego Mastery

Protego Mastery adds an explosive blast every time you perfectly-time a Protego block. This is a great talent as the blast destroys those annoying shields on the enemy.

If some of your spells are on cooldown, instead of switching spell sets, you can use a Protego block to break the shield.

What to Do Next?

When you get tired from practicing your dodges and blocks, you can try to relax and explore the world more.

Hogwart Legacy’s lore is completely invigorating with new stories, apart from the movies and books.

You can learn more about the world by exploring and reading dialogues from random NPCs in the game.

If you are into customizations, you can dress up your character with free exclusive rewards.

There is a lot more in the game than fighting enemies. Make sure to explore every detail and relax a little bit.