Baking can be a fun way to spend time in Minecraft while making yourself a good amount of food items to use.

Baking doesn’t require just making the food item, but it also includes farming and growing the crops that you need in order to have the ingredients you need.

Pumpkin pie is one such desert that can be prepared. Here’s a quick guide on how to make pumpkin pie in Minecraft.

Growing Pumpkin Pie Ingredients

Before you can get to crafting a pumpkin pie you need to grow and prepare the ingredients that are needed for it. Luckily, they are all rather easy to come by.

The first ingredient is an egg, which you can get from a chicken. You do not need to kill all the chickens you have gathered in your coop. Instead simply wait for a chicken to drop an egg for you to pick up.

The other two ingredients, pumpkin and sugar, can be grown on a farm.

Pumpkins are easy to find in Minecraft and you can grow them the same way as you’d grow melons. You may need a bit more space, but it is a simple task.

Minecraft Pumpkins

Next is sugar, which can be made by simply putting sugarcane into a crafting table or your crafting slots to be turned into sugar.

Sugar cane can be grown on dirt or sand that is right next to a water block. Breaking the top few blocks allows you to harvest it while the rest of the crop continues to grow.

Minecraft Sugarcane

Minecraft Pumpkin Pie Recipe

  • 1 pumpkin
  • 1 egg
  • 1 sugar

Once you have grown and harvested all of the ingredients that you need you can combine them together on a crafting table or in your inventory to make a pumpkin pie.

It is a simple recipe and easy to follow. The arrangement of the ingredients doesn’t really matter either.

As long as all 3 are on the crafting slots, the recipe is correct.

Minecraft Pumpkin Pie Recipe

Buying Pumpkin Pie

If you are not at a point where you can grow all the ingredients you need, then you can attempt to buy pumpkin pie in a village.

An apprentice farmer villager can sometimes have pumpkin pie for sale as part of their trades.

They will sell 4 whole pumpkin pies for just a single emerald, making it a worthwhile trade if you don’t feel like putting in the effort to work on growing your farm.

Pumpkin Pie Usage

Pumpkin pies are one of Minecraft’s most filling food items.

A single pumpkin pie will fill a total of 8 hunger points which equals to 4 drumsticks on the hunger bar. The food saturation that it gives will also last you for quite a while, unlike some other food items, such as cookies.

Unlike a cake, pumpkin pies cannot be placed down in the world, but they can be placed on an item frame.

Other than being eaten, pumpkin pie can be used in a composter to make bonemeal.

What to Do Next

Having pumpkins sometimes is not enough to keep your garden flourishing. You will want to have a variety of crops to grow on your farm for a good constant food supply.

Growing wheat in Minecraft is one of the easiest way to start off your farm and it allows you to keep it growing.

Growing Wheat