Minecraft is full of possibilities. Of all of the things you can do to enjoy the game, one of the most exciting activities is interacting with the friendly mobs.

With the constant addition of new entities, various opportunities emerge for new fun activities.

We’ll find farm animals, villagers, enemies, wildlife, and even supernatural entities in the Minecraft mob realm. Yet, every one of them can be valuable for a different purpose.

For example, you can create a massive farm with bees, cows, chickens and harvest fresh items from them.

Horses are obviously a mount, but some might find it surprising that llamas, along with pigs, also fit the category. Though, many may not know how to ride and control these animals, because their mechanics are a bit different from horses.

Therefore, let’s talk about these happy-looking creatures a bit and see how we can ride a llama in Minecraft.

Where to Find Llamas

Llamas in Minecraft have their favorite biomes, which is where you’ll be able to search for them.

Like in real life, they will be happily trotting around in savanna plateau and standard savanna environments. Additionally, you have a higher chance of finding larger groups in windswept hills biomes.

You will have to search for these biomes in order to find llamas.

Be careful when interacting with the llamas as they are neutral mobs. Accidentally attacking them will cause them to spit on the player and deal damage.

Llamas are also aggressive toward untamed wolves.

Taming Llamas

To successfully tame a wild llama, make sure you have the following:

  • Wheat (At least 10)

Llamas are tamed similarly like horses are, by being mounted until they are tamed. Having Wheat on hand to feed the llama can help ease its temper and save you the time it takes to actually tame it.

To feed a llama simply right click on it with the mouse.

However, there are different platforms on which you might be playing Minecraft and the solution above concerns PC.

  • For Nintendos, the ZL button will work.
  • For Xbox, the LT button will work.
  • For Minecraft Pocket Edition, feed the llama using the “Feed” button.
  • For PlayStation, the L2 button will work.

If you do not feed the llama, you will still be able to mount it, but the animal will throw you off eventually. Feeding simply makes taming easier.

You can also “tame” llamas by killing the wandering trader in Bedrock edition Minecraft.

Once the trader is dead and the llamas calm down, you can return to them and ride them.

Mounting Llamas

After taming them, there will be no resistance, and a couple of little hearts will come up, just like when you tame any other animal in Minecraft.

Sadly, there is no option of saddling the llama up, so you won’t be able to maneuver it. They also cannot carry chests on them.

Still, you can guide them along with a Lead after gaining their trust, as well as dress them by placing a carpet on them.

Different color carpets will show up as different designs on the llama.

Llama designs

Finally, if you want to dismount a llama, you can use the same approach that every other in-game “vehicle” has. Simply execute the in-game crouching action, and you’ll hop off the llama.