Basarios is the thickest monster in Monster Hunter Rise and is pretty much resistant to most physical attacks.

The good news is that there are a lot of mechanics involved to make the fight easier, including items you can use.

This guide will teach you how to beat Basarios and show you the rewards and drops you can get doing so.

Basarios Resistances and Weaknesses

Basarios Info

Basarios does not have a specific weakness as most elements deal the same amount of damage. It is somewhat weak to the Dragon element. Dragon-type weapons will be unlocked later in the game but if you do not have one, the difference is not that significant.

Basarios is extremely thick because of its shells and it looks like you are just fighting a big monster rock. You need to do strong attacks or heavy hits to make this fight easier and you will need to have high sharpness as well.

How to Fight Basarios

Basarios Fight

Basarios is basically made out of stones. It is incredibly hard to hit with low sharpness weapons. It is weak on its chest and tail if you can break them first. In this fight, Basarios is really slow and it is easy to dodge its melee swipes and charges.

Basarios Fight 2

It is almost like a fight with a really thick training dummy. The most annoying attack will be the way it emits smoke through its abdomen which inflicts some debuffs. When you see it glow molten, it is easier to hit. When you see the chest start to glow purple, it will use a poison cloud around it inflicting Poison debuff to everyone.

When you see the chest start to glow blue, it will use a sleeping cloud around it inflicting sleep to everyone. If it grows red which is a bit different from where it glows molten because it is more defined, it will emit fire clouds around it and inflict Burn debuff on everyone that gets hit.

Basarios Fight 3

It will be easy to knock Basarios down once you break its parts. It is the best way to beat it fast and just aim for the exposed area. Just remember to do strong attacks especially at the start of your attacks will stagger you because of the thickness of Basarios’s armor.

It also shoots fireballs and a fire beam. It is easy to spot as its facing will be glowing differently than the way its abdomen releases clouds. Basarios also likes to roll around and crush you if you are at the sides.

Basarios also glows molten on some of its parts and those parts will be the ones you need to target. You can also try to use explosive barrels to make it easier to break through its armor. If it switches locations or areas, you can set this up first before engaging in combat.

Basarios Drops and Rewards

Basarios Finish

Basarios drops the following items and materials:

For Low Ranks

  • Basarios Shell
  • Basarios Pleura
  • Basarios Wing
  • Basarios Tail
  • Poison Sac
  • Flame Sac
  • Machalite Ore
  • Earth Crystal
  • Wyvern Tear

For High Ranks

  • Basarios Carapace
  • Basarios Pleura+
  • Basarios Tears
  • Toxin Sac
  • Inferno Sac
  • Carbalite Ore
  • Wyvern Gem
  • Basarios Tail
  • Dragonite Ore
  • Basarios Wing
  • Wyvern Tear
  • Large Wyvern Tear

One thing to note about the rewards is that there are multiple methods of getting these items.

All of these methods stack so it is better to do everything before you end the quest. These methods are breaking and carving monster parts, natural drops, target quest rewards, capturing rewards, and Palico gathering.

The most efficient way is to break all the parts of the monster and capturing it when it is weak. This allows you to obtain more materials by doing each method and you will see the results at the end of the quest or hunt.


Basarios is a good way to farm ores if you are lazy in gathering ores around the map when you do quests. It is annoying to farm if you do not have decent gear and to speed up your runs, you will probably be using barrels to hunt it faster if you are saving materials for better gear since money is hard to farm.

If you know how to beat Kulu-Ya-Ku, you already know the pain of having your attacks stagger you every time because of the boulder, but hopefully you have the experience required to take down Basarios.