The Great Wroggi is one of the easiest monsters you can farm in Monster Hunter Rise.

It drops materials for poison weapons and even the McCree-looking armor set. You also get to slay a lot of small monsters while doing this quest which gives some materials that you might have no idea you need.

This guide will teach you how to beat the Great Wroggi in Monster Hunter Rise and all the materials and rewards you can get from it.

Great Wroggi Resistances and Weaknesses

Great Wroggi Info

The Great Wroggi is another easy monster you will fight at the start of the game when you level up your Hunter Rank. It is weak to most weapons and does not have a hard body part that requires a specific level of sharpness on a weapon to smash or slash through.

It is only weak to the Ice element and somewhat weak against water. Its weak point is the head and it might be hard to hit it with certain weapons because it is such a small monster. You can bring any non-ice weapon to fight and farm this monster.

How to Fight Great Wroggi

Great Wroggi Fight

Even if you do not know how to dodge properly, this monster is fairly easy because of its lack of toughness and body parts. The Great Wroggi deals poison damage that spews in front of him in a conical area. It has a decent range but it is easy to dodge.

The only annoying part here is that it usually has little Wroggis that fight with him. While these are easy to kill, they move really fast and are even smaller than the Great Wroggi. They also do poison attacks which can deter you from doing combos if you get hit.

You need to bring Antidotes for this fight and you might need at least 4 pieces so you can save most of your potions. When you see the Great Wroggi stop and look like it is about to puke, you can assume that it will do its poison breath attack. To combat this, just slide across his side or back and it will be safe to unload combos on him. Just watch out for the little Wroggis since they are able to do this attack as well.

The poison breath does not do much damage and only applies the poison debuff. Other than the poison breath, its attacks are basically a normal raptor with tail swipes and charges. Most of these are ineffective even if you are undergeared.

Great Wroggi Drops and Rewards

Great Wroggi Quest

The Great Wroggi drops the following items and materials:

Low Rank drops

  • Great Wroggi Hide
  • Great Wroggi Brace
  • King’s Beak
  • Poison Sac
  • Monster Bone M

High Rank drops

  • Great Wroggi Hide+
  • Great Wroggi Brace+
  • Toxin Sac
  • Monster Bone+
  • Bird Wyvern Gem

The most wanted materials here are Toxic Sacs and Bird Wyvern Gems. The Toxic Sacs are needed for the poison weapon tree on almost all the weapons in Monster Hunter Rise.

One thing to note about the rewards is that there are multiple methods of getting these items. All of these methods stack so it is better to do everything before you end the quest. These methods are breaking and carving monster parts, natural drops, target quest rewards, capturing rewards, and Palico gathering.

The most efficient way is to break all the parts of the monster and capturing it when it is weak. This allows you to obtain more materials by doing each method and you will see the results at the end of the quest or hunt.


The Great Wroggi is an easy monster and is one of the monsters you want to farm to craft and get poison weapons. It is fast to complete regardless of your equipment and it is a great way to practice the basics of the game. If you decide to try out new weapons, you can test them out here first. Practicing counters on the Long Sword weapon is great on weak monsters like this one.