Thunder Serpent Narwa is unlocked by finishing an urgent quest and will be available after completing the 7-star Hub quests. It is not available on the village side so you will have to shift to doing Hub quests if you were playing solo on village which is basically the easy mode of the game.

This guide will teach you how to beat Thunder Serpent Narwa in Monster Hunter Rise including the rewards or drops you can get from it. Thunder Serpent Narwa unlocks some rarity 7 weapons and the Narwa armor set.

Thunder Serpent Narwa Resistances and Weaknesses

Thunder Serpent Narwa Info

Thunder Serpent Narwa is weak to Dragon-type weapons and Ice-type weapons also deal a decent amount of damage. Other elements will only their normal damage so it is best to either go for something with high raw damage and high affinity if you have no Dragon-type and Ice-type weapons available.

Regarding his chest, wingarm, and abdomen, they will glow during the fight and you will see very clearly that these parts are infused with thunder during specific times. These parts will all be weak to attacks and in most situations that these parts are wide open, they are the only parts you can hit anyway.

How to Fight Thunder Serpent Narwa

Thunder Serpent Narwa Fight

Like mentioned before, Thunder Serpent Narwa has some glowing parts that are weak to attacks. This is because this fight is not your usual Hunt quest. It is a combination of a Rampage quest and a Hunt quest. It is the final battle of Monster Hunter Rise for the base game (DLCs, expansions, and updates come frequently in Monster Hunter games).

This section will explain each aspect of the fight as there are many things to look out for.

Use the Cannons, Ballistas, and Machine Cannons when available

Thunder Serpent Narwa Fight 2

During the fight, you will see some rock platforms float where you can Wirebug to. It is either for dodging Thunder Serpent Narwa’s attacks or using the defenses that might spawn on some of these platforms. They work just like the ones you use in Rampage quests but are more toned down. Ballistas only have the normal ballista shot (A). Cannons only have the normal cannon shot (A). Machine Cannons only have rapid shot (A).

They have a limited amount of ammo too. Most of the time, you will not be able to use all of this ammo anyway as the platform disappears after around 10 seconds. Use this every time they spawn because Thunder Serpent Narwa always floats in the air unless knocked down. You can still hit the tail but it will be hard to capitalize on this if you are a melee weapon user.

Thunder Serpent Narwa Fight 3

This will be your main way of getting a knockdown on the boss because you will be able to freely shoot Thunder Serpent Narwa’s weak points by aiming with the defenses. Remember to use guard (R) if you see an incoming attack. Getting hit while mounted on the defense will be a huge opportunity loss because you will get knocked down and lose the chance to unload on it.

Thunder Serpent Narwa’s attacks

Thunder Serpent Narwa Fight 4

Most of its attacks are ranged attacks with either a huge radius that can cover most of the battlefield or a piercing beam-like attack like the one in the photo. When you see the purple beam attack, you will have two choices and it depends on your position. If you are close to Thunder Serpent Narwa, stick to him and freely hit him with your combos. However, if you are not even close to the boss, move as far as you can and focus on dodging the purple beams.

Thunder Serpent Narwa also has an attack where it starts shooting hypnotic-like thunder rings. There are around 3 variations of this attack and two of these are extremely easy to dodge. They move really slow and if you are far enough, it will be a piece of cake. The next one requires good reflexes. It will spread a circular ring around itself and spread across the whole battlefield.

The only way to dodge it is by using a Wirebug up. You can dodge roll this but you will need to increase your evade invulnerability window from armor sets if you are not used to dodging eye frames.

For the next attack, it will breathe a purple beam through the whole map. It will do this attack when it starts floating really high up and you can see that its head is on the top instead of the bottom (you can also see a purple streak near its head). This attack starts to where it is facing and it will always start near his vicinity.

Thunder Serpent Narwa Cannon

The beam will circle around the battlefield three times going from the center to the outer reaches of the area. It is hard to dodge this but a good way to do so is to run away from the monster and wait until it does the first circle. After it goes past you the first time, Wirebug forward immediately and you can even Wirebug twice to be sure. The best way to avoid this is by going under a rock platform and taking cover.

Another ranged attack to look out for will be its thunder blast. This is easy to dodge as the signal for this attack will be a yellowish smoke in a particular area in front of the boss. That area will explode for Thunder damage after a few seconds and the radius is not that big.

Use the resources around the battlefield

Thunder Serpent Narwa Wyvernsplitter

Other than the defenses that spawn from the platforms, you will also have the Splitting Wyvernshot and Dragonator available in the fight. It works just like the ones in Rampage but without the kiln to refresh the cooldown. Utilizing the Splitting Wyvernshot is key to weakening the monster as it does thousands of damage when it lands. The Splitting Wyvernshot is located at the top as you can see on the minimap from the picture above.

This shot needs to land or you will have to make up for the damage. There are three situations where it will be perfect to hit the Splitting Wyvernshot. The first one is when you see it curl itself in the middle and spawn multiple platforms. Instead of going to the mountable defenses, you shoot the Splitting Wyvernshot here.

Another scenario is when you are able to knock it down and instead of going to it and deal damage, you can shoot the nuke here. The next scenario is when Thunder Serpent Narwa spawns two rock platforms and just floats in the air with its chest exposed. If you know how to beat Zinogre, you will see that its chest looks like Zinogre’s supercharged form.

This is the perfect time to unleash some combos on its weak point for a few seconds but if you are near the Splitting Wyvernshot, you can shoot it here. This particular situation only lasts for around 6 to 7 seconds so you have to be near the Splitting Wyvernshot to do it.

Thunder Serpent Narwa Dragonator

The next one is the Dragonator. It is positioned on the wall on the north side of the arena. If you see it go near this, just activate it immediately. This does decent damage but not as much as the Splitting Wyvernshot.

Thunder Serpent Narwa Drops and Rewards

Thunder Serpent Narwa Finish

Thunder Serpent Narwa drops the following items and materials

For High Rank

  • Narwa Carapace
  • Narwa Hide+
  • Narwa Horn+
  • Narwa Sparksac
  • Narwa Tentacle
  • Thunder Serpent Orb (3% drop rate)
  • Narwa Claw+
  • Dragon Treasure
  • Elder Dragon Blood (only through dropped materials during the fight at a 20% drop rate)

Thunder Serpent Narwa has no Low Rank version and it a monster exclusive for the Hub progress. If you have only played the village portion of the game, you are missing out on around 80% of Monster Hunter Rise’s content. It is valuable to know the difference between village and Hub. Even if you know how to level Hunter Rank fast in the village, the process will be different on the Hub side.

One thing to note about the rewards is that there are multiple methods of getting these items. All of these methods stack so it is better to do everything before you end the quest. These methods are breaking and carving monster parts, natural drops, target quest rewards, capturing rewards, and Palico gathering.

The most efficient way is to break all the parts of the monster and capturing it when it is weak. This allows you to obtain more materials by doing each method and you will see the results at the end of the quest or hunt.


Thunder Serpent Narwa is the last urgent mission of Monster Hunter Rise’s base game. There will be new monsters coming as Monster Hunter updates the game or even offer an expansion. Thunder Serpent Narwa drops one of the best materials used for crafting weapons and armor. You will probably be farming this boss a few times before getting a full set for you and your Palico or Palamute.