The Survival Tips quest is one of the main quests you need to finish in New World. The objectives seem simple but, some of the controls might not have been introduced to you at this point.

This article will show you how to finish the Survival Tips quest in New World and teach you how to make a campfire and find the Inkwell Cave.

How to Build a Campfire


To place a campfire, you will need 5 Green Wood and 1 Flint. Press “Y” to start placing your campfire and you will need to be outside a landmark area. It should also be placed on uneven ground and you can rotate the plot by pressing Shift + Mousewheel.

You can also press Left Alt to turn off auto-clipping so you can freely place it. It might be hard depending on the terrain so you can do turn this off.

After placing the campfire, you will still need to interact with it by applying the resources (5 Green Wood and 1 Flint). If you want to change the location of your campfire, you can hold “Y” to unbind it to you.

This campfire will help you rest and craft items outside the settlement while giving you another respawn point as well. It is highly suggested as you might encounter multiple enemies at once for the next objective.

Where is the Inkwell Cave?

Inkwell Cave

Just to the east of the Greenhaven settlement, you will find the Inkwell Cave which is also a highlands terrain (good for finding ores).

However, this area will not contain Iron Ores and you might need them at this point in the game for your other quests. To know where to find Iron Ores, go to the lower-left area of Greenhaven and run around the highlands terrain there.

Anyway, after approaching the Inkwell Cave, you will get a new objective which will be hunting Inkwell Wolves and collecting Sharp Wolf Fangs. Although, you might encounter problems where the “Travel to Inkwell Cave” is not getting credited even if you go to the area.

This is simply fixed by going out of the Inkwell Cave landmark and going inside it again. I encountered this problem because I built my campfire near the Inkwell Cave landmark itself and it seemed to ignore the objective once I went inside the area.

Defeating Inkwell Wolves and Getting Sharp Wolf Fangs

Sharp Wolf Fang

These creatures are easy to defeat but, there are roaming in packs sometimes and you might have trouble fighting multiple wolves at once. Just be careful and look at your surroundings.

If you are fighting an Inkwell Wolf and you see another one just spawn near you, kite it away from it or just stand still while fighting. There could be a lot of players doing the quests too and you can help each other out.

You just need to remember that you need to do significant damage to be credited for the objective. The same logic applies to all the other quests as well.

After defeating Inkwell Wolves, remember to loot the pouch near them and not just skinning the dead wolf. The pouch will contain the Sharp Wolf Fangs and this is how you get them.

It should drop easily and the only time it did not drop for me was when I did not do enough damage to the Inkwell Wolf to show a drop on my side of the game.

Finish the quest by getting 5 and turn in the quest. This will lead you to more quests leading to the faction questline.