New World is interestingly designed, so you cannot craft certain items without leveling up many different crafting skills. However, it also allows you to level up a single skill and make money out of it to buy the items that you need.

Weaving is a skill that many players don’t have at higher levels. Mostly because most of the resources that Weaving can provide will most likely be found for a long time at a decent quality.

Either way, there is also a chance you’re just purchasing the ingredients that you need when you need to craft other things that use Tier 2 or Tier 3 ingredients refined by Weaving.

It doesn’t matter what made you want to level up this skill. Whatever it is, we’re about to show you the fastest way to level up Weaving in New World.

Make Linen and Sateen

Weaving is a crafting skill that allows you to make Linen, Steen, Silk, and Infused Silk, but it depends on the level of your skill and the tier of the Looming Station:

Looming StationItem/IngredientWeaving Skill Level
Tier 1Lv. 0
Tier 2LinenLv. 10
Tier 2SateenLv. 50
Tier 3SilkLv. 100
Tier 4Infused SilkLv. 150
Tier 5PhoenixweaveLv. 200

Leveling up Weaving is all about collecting as many Fibers as you can at once and crafting them all into Linen. Once you can, you make the Linen and turn it into Sateen.

In order to make Sateen, players will need Linen and Crossweave. Linen is made with 4 Fibers. Therefore, players must know where to find Fibers and where to acquire Linen in New World to level up their Weaving skills.

Once the players have found out the best route to farm Fibers — one of my favorites being the one farming spots in Eldergate that are located to the south of the settlement — they can start slowly ranking up their crafting skills.

At first, players might be a bit slow, but returning to the city with hundreds of fibers will allow them to make hundreds of Linen, which should soon allow them to make Sateen.

So these are the things you have to do in order to level up Weaving fast.

Weak Proficiency Booster

This is a farming tip for players who want to collect even more fiber much faster.

Using a quick proficiency booster will increase the number of Fibers the players can gather from Hemp plants, making the farming process much faster.

Making a Weak Proficiency Booster will demand Air Mote, Soul Mote, and Water. It isn’t necessary for the procedure, but if you are able to make a couple at the Workshop station, make sure to do so.

Making Linen

This is an easy-to-make item that does not require much from the player besides the Weaving station and some fiber. Players can make Linen with four fibers, and they can keep repeating this process for very long for some easy-to-get experience.

All you need to do is to find your farming spots, gather the Fibers, select Linen, and click on Craft. Don’t save any Linen for later. Use all that you’ve gathered to get all that experience.

Making Sateen

Sateen is also made at Looming Stations. With four units of Linen, players can craft one unit of Sateen.

Besides the required Linen, players also need a Crossweave and a Looming Station in order to make Sateen out of the Linen.

Crossweave is not found in plants, so if you need them to make Sateen, always check the supply containers around the places you visit when going on a quest.

Unmaking Sateen

This is an interesting option to level up your Weaving if you have lots of Weak Solvents and you don’t really have a determined use for them.

Although you won’t really be gaining anything but Weaving experience from it, you can turn the Sateen you made back into Linen, and then you can use that Linen to make more Sateen.

Do that for as long as your supply of Weak Solvent and Crossweave lets you.

Final Thoughts

There is no secret involved with leveling up Weaving quickly. There is quite a lot of hard work involved, though.

Collect hundreds of fibers and keep making Linen. Until you have your Weaving Skill at level 50, you should save all your Linen or sell them at the trading post.

Once you reach that skill level, start crafting Sateen since it provides more Weaving experience points. At this point, if you have any solvent, you can unmake your Sateen so each unit will turn into two Linen.

Now all you have to do is repeat this procedure until you’re high level enough. Although this is not the fastest way to level up Harvesting, collecting a lot of Hemp certainly helps.

With time, there will be able to make far more than just Linen and Steen.