Have you ever wondered about the corruption spewing around each corner of the map in New World?

You first need to acquire the Azoth Staff to clear these corrupted areas and reap the rewards. This guide will show you how to get Azoth Staff in New World as fast as possible.

Since corruption is already active around the world, even for low-level players, you will actively see players fighting around the area to clear it even without unlocking the Azoth Staff yet. Ignore this first and focus on getting the Azoth Staff so you can get credited for your contributions.

What is the Azoth Staff Used For?

Azoth Staff Corrupted Portal

The Azoth Staff is part of the main storyline in New World. As part of the lore, you will get it eventually once you start actively finishing your main quests.

You might have read about needing the Azoth Staff in requirements in tooltips or quest descriptions. You can see this when hovering over the corrupted markers on the map. The Azoth Staff will be the primary requirement in clearing this corruption.

They spawn randomly and frequently, so; it will be a highly efficient way to level up fast when you encounter one while doing quests and missions.

You will be using the Azoth Staff frequently, but you technically do not have to use it after unlocking it. Since the corrupted area is mainly done by many active players roaming around, only one player needs to clear the Corrupted Portal with the Azoth Staff.

If you have the Azoth Staff unlocked, you will get credited for the completion as long as you contributed to clearing the mobs.

Can you get the rewards from clearing even if you have not unlocked the Azoth Staff yet?

If you do not have the Azoth Staff unlocked yet, you will not get anything even if you contributed to the clearing.

You will also be using the Azoth Staff to enter some of the expeditions. The first example would be going through the main storyline and finishing the Amrine Excavation expedition. You will need the Azoth Staff to open it.

How to Unlock the Azoth Staff

It is sometimes easy to lose yourself in the main progression of the game. There are just so many things you can do, and you will be consistently be bombarded with side quests, town missions, and faction missions everywhere.

The best way to progress is by focusing on the main story quest and doing things along the way. Eventually, you will reach “The Old Man Who Cried Corruptions” quest. This is the first New World Azoth Staff quest in a long chain of missions that unlocks the Azoth Staff.

It requires you to reach level 12 before unlocking this quest. You do not have to worry as you will go past this level before reaching this part of the main story.

Note: You will need 5 Silver Ingots for this questline to get the Azoth Staff

Keep following the quests after “The Old Man Who Cried Corruptions” quest. To be brief about it, you will be moving between Yonas Alazar, the main quest NPC for the Azoth Staff, and places in Everfall, Monarch Bluff, and First Light.

They are relatively easy to finish. I will point out the notable ones you need to know when progressing to forge the Azoth Staff.

Finishing the Argent and Aether quest

Argent and Aether

When you acquire the Silver Ingots and turn them in, you will get the Argent and Aether quest. You will need to travel to the Ancient Forge to make the crosspiece with the 5 Silver Ingots.

How to defeat Ezra the Forgemaster

Travel to the Nobelreach, and you will encounter Ezra the Forgemaster. You will need to defeat him first. This one is tricky for some players who have trouble killing Ezra the Forgemaster.

Why? Ezra the Forgemaster has a ton of resistance to magic. You will need physical damage to trounce him.

Weapons like the hatchet, hammer, sword and shield, gun, and bow will make quick work of Ezra the Forgemaster. If you try to force it with the ice gauntlet, fire staff, and life staff, your damage may lessen by as much as 90%.

However, if active players are around doing the same quest, you can do 20% of the damage to get credited for the quest.

This can be difficult sometimes when there are a lot of players on the same quest. If you do not do enough damage, you will not get credited for the quest.

There have been times where ten or more players are going for the same mob, and none of them cannot get the quest done because they cannot do the required damage threshold to get credited for the quest.

Do not worry. Even with the wrong attributes and having no weapon mastery, you can still swap to a weapon and beat Ezra the Forgemaster.

Forging the Azoth Staff

After defeating Ezra the Forgemaster, the Ancient Forge will be next to his spawn in the ruins. Go to it and craft the crosspiece. You will turn in the quest to Yonas the Hermit, and you will go to the final quest in crafting the Azoth Staff.

You will need to go to the Sacred Altar to get the Azoth Staff. This one is pretty straightforward. Just track the objective and go to the marker. Interact with the Sacred Altar and craft the Azoth Staff.

How to Equip the Azoth Staff

Azoth Staff Inventory

After crafting the Azoth Staff, go to your inventory and look through your gathering tool slots. The last slot will be for the Azoth Staff and equip it there. You can also hover over the Azoth Staff in your inventory and equip it from there.

Final Thoughts

Once you start clearing corrupted portals around the map, everything will be much easier. Since they spawn frequently and are practically everywhere, you can level up fast by doing this when you are near one.

You also get a cache from clearing each corrupted portal which can give you unlimited gear. This is where you will get Repair Parts in New World sustainably. If you have a few pieces of armor that are still relatively low or do not fit your class, you can grind for corrupted portals until you get one.