Fresh Water is easy to get and there is an unlimited amount of it. It is just a matter of finding the right spot and getting how much Fresh Water you need. This is how to get Fresh Water in New World.

This includes all the things you can do with Fresh Water such as crafting, missions, and trading. There are no requirements needed to get water unlike gathering tools for mining, fishing, and other trade skills.

What is Fresh Water Used For?

Once you figure out how to get water in New World, it can be used for the following two things:

Crafting potions

Water Crafting Potion

The most common use for Fresh Water is crafting. While you do not need a lot of Fresh Water and they are quite easy to get, you will need them to craft potions. These weak potions only take 1x Fresh Water and you can freely use potions while exploring or fighting every 30 seconds.

This is a good way to save yourself from dying and walking all the way back to where you were previously. You can craft a variety of potions but they all require different herbs you need to harvest. Make sure you are also harvesting while you are questing or doing missions outside.


Missions are received by going to a town’s post-board and accepting the 3 town missions posted there. These are randomized and you will encounter some missions that will require you to give 15 weak potions of a particular variant. This is where you are going to use your Fresh Water other than for combat and exploration.

Again, these are quite random and you might not even get one in a week. But, if you are doing these missions consistently, you will be able to see one of these missions show up and it will be an auto-complete mission as long as you have the materials.

These missions give a good amount of town reputation (+500). These missions vary in difficulty and give you around +250, +500, or +750 town reputation. It is a decent way to increase your territory’s reputation. Most of these delivery quests are random too so make sure to get as many resources as you can while exploring.

Where to Get Fresh Water


If you’re wondering where to get water in New World, wells are a great source. This might be the practical way of getting Fresh Water but, you will need to wait a few minutes before the well fills up to get Fresh Water from it again.

Just go to one of the wells you see inside the settlement you are on. They are pretty easy to spot just like the one near the post-board where you get the missions in Windsward.

They give you a random amount (around 15+ Fresh Water) and it should be enough if you consistently grab water from the well every time you go near the post-board.

Fresh Water Rivers

Fresh Water 1

If you just one a ton of Fresh Water, just go to the nearest river on the map. It is easy to spot as it is a body of water on the map.

You literally just go to it and you will be able to interact with it by pressing “E” and you will get Fresh Water in return. There are no materials needed like a bucket or anything. Apparently, you just get it magically inside your inventory.

As you can see from the picture above, one of the missions is acquiring 250 Water from the Supplies Needed mission. If you are just going for wells, it will not be enough to complete this mission.

Trading Post

While this might be the laziest method yet, you can acquire them from the trading post where some players might actually grind these Fresh Water and make money from them.

Judging from how easy it is to acquire Fresh Water, there is no point in selling/buying them of the trading post but, if there are some cheap players who plan on doing this, you can buy them immediately if you are that lazy.

If you want to be efficient, you can go level your fishing skill while you are at it. You will rarely go to bodies of water specifically for just water anyway. You can even get tadpoles or even find large salmons while fishing which both can be used in the future.