Iron Ore can be quite tricky to find once you start questing near the Greenhaven settlement. The area is filled with resources and some of the early quests can even lead you to higher tier ores such as Silver Ores and Platinum Ores.

This guide will show you where to find Iron Ores in New World easily and grind as much as possible to stock up on this resource while leveling your mining skill.

Iron Ore – Map Location

Iron Vein Location

The best place to farm Iron Ores is in the highlands under the first settlement when you start playing New World. The area is vast and you can open your map by pressing “M” and click on the resource locations tab on the left side of your screen.

This will show you the highlands terrain you need to look for and it will just be under the settlement. If you go up near the Inkwell Cave since it is also a near highland terrain area, you will not be able to find any Iron Ore here as this area contains Silver Ores and Platinum Ores.

How to Farm Iron Ores

Iron Vein for Iron Ores

Firstly, you need to press “Tab” to open up your inventory. Check all your equipped items and specifically look for the tools. If you have a mining axe equipped, you should be able to go up to any boulders or veins and interact with them.

If not, you can buy/craft a mining axe and equip it from your inventory. Just right-click the mining axe and press equip or drag it to your gear slots on the lower-right slots on your character.

It will take a few seconds to mine an Iron Vein once you interact with it. Any damage will interrupt the mining process. Once interrupted, you can still retain your mining progress after interacting with it again so it is fine to get hit.

Where to Use Iron Ores


You get a lot of benefits from doing town missions and they are quite random. You might get some missions that require you to turn in some Iron Ores. This would be an easy way to get experience points, territory reputation, and coins.

Just go to the announcement board in any settlement and interact with it. You will see the board open up with a lot of posts and check the lower-right section for missions. Click each one of them and press “Start Mission”. You can have multiple missions up simultaneously, so this is a great way to level up fast.

Smelting and crafting

These Iron Ores can be smelted into Iron Ingots for crafting weapons and armors. It is effective in the early game as it gives you that boost to finish quests easier. Since you are collecting these Iron Ores while questing or exploring, you will find leveling easier once you upgrade your gear.

You can do this for each tier as you farm different types of ores when you explore more. Just make sure to keep farming ores to level up your mining skill. This will help you prevent getting resource-blocked in the future when you reach higher-level areas.