Are you a fan of Elder Scrolls Online? If so, you’ll be happy to know that new information about the brand new Arcanist class has just been announced.

With the Arcanist joining the world of ESO when the new chapter (Necrom: Shadow over Morrowind) drops in June, fans have been dying to get to know more about this mysterious class and the abilities it has.

If you’ve not heard about the Arcanist yet, it’s a dark and powerful class that can wield a multitude of different magic types and rune-based abilities. Arcanists can explore new realms and offer some brilliant ways to play, no matter your experience level.

As announced during the livestream for the second day of IGN Fan Fest 2023, the Arcanist will have a unique ability called Fate Carver.

This immense move is an attack that players will need to channel. It looks like a huge beam of light and it will damage any foes inside of the beam. There are a heap of ways that this move could be used during combat, and it looks spectacular too.

To get even more out of Fate Carver, remember to crowd control foes so they can’t move out of the beam.

Arcanists have a lot of other incredible abilities, following multiple class lines like the other classes in the game. Whether you’re a fan of playing DPS roles, healing your allies, or tanking against powerful foes, the Arcanist is worth checking out.

The class fantasy feels particularly strong with the Arcanist, and it couldn’t have been announced at a more opportune time. It ties into the Necrom vibe perfectly.

Necrom: Shadow over Morrowind will be available for PC and Mac players on June 5th, and for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, and Xbox One players on June 20th.