Street Fighter 6 has a lot of features that have never been seen in the franchise before, including the ability to make your character run.

This useful ability has the name Drive Rush, and it consumes a portion of your stamina bar.

Once you’ve mastered the art of the Drive Rush, the game will feel much more fluid, and you’ll become a much more formidable opponent.

But how exactly do you perform it? Here’s a quick guide on how to run in Street Fighter 6, including how to perform an instant Drive Rush, too.

How to Drive Rush

There are two different ways to execute a Drive Rush in SF6. You can Drive Rush from a Drive Parry and you can Drive Rush from a normal, cancellable attack.

The command is the same in both cases. Quickly tap forward twice while holding the Parry button or when a cancellable normal attack connects. This counts even if it’s blocked.

To perform the Parry, you need to hold down the medium punch and medium kick buttons simultaneously if you’re using Classic Controls.

With Modern Controls, you can execute the Drive Parry by holding down the right shoulder button, which corresponds to the R1 button if you’re playing with a PlayStation controller.

How to Perform an Instant Drive Rush

There’s a way to make your character run instantly, too. It works in the World Tour mode and normal fights in other modes.

You can achieve this by tapping forward and then pressing forward along with the parry buttons simultaneously instead of holding down the parry button first.

This technique is quite important as it enables a quicker and more consistent Drive Rush. By utilizing this method, the running animation can catch your opponent off-guard, and it also facilitates the execution of certain combos.

Why You Should Learn How to Drive Rush

At lower levels, the Drive Rush is a great mechanic to close a gap. If your opponent is far away from you, just run in and start hitting some buttons.

However, there’s way more to it than just approaching. Some attacks, even a projectile like Ken’s Hadouken, can stun a character long enough for you to close in and start a combo.

Another important thing about Drive Rush is how it affects your frame data or your advantage after an attack hits or is blocked. Your attacks carry some momentum after a run, making them 4 frames more advantageous.

This can be a bit technical, but generally speaking, your opponent won’t be able to take their turn back after blocking your running attack.

This means that you can really mess with your opponent. You can go for a throw or even walk back and wait for them to whiff an attack attempt, then punish them for it.

It can be very complex, but the more you practice and play, the more you will understand. It will quickly become one of the most important tools in your kit.

Make sure to switch up your characters in the Battle Hub every now and then to practice with different fighting styles, too.

How Much Drive Gauge Does Running Cost?

It depends.

If you run out of a parry, it costs you 1 bar.

If you run out of a cancellable normal attack, it’ll cost you 3 bars.

It appears to have been designed this way so that the game doesn’t lose the original Street Fighter feel, and so that combos don’t go on for too long.

It also rewards players for practicing harder combos. That being said, you don’t always have to take the trickiest route. Easy combos can be rewarding too.

Many players, including professionals, tend to choose easier combos for their consistency. It’s a matter of risk and reward. It is cool to perform long combos and hard Drive Rush combos, but they’re certainly not an essential part of the game.