The World Tour mode in Street Fighter 6 allows you to create your character and select their special moves. However, it also requires you to start off using Modern Controls.

Although there’s nothing inherently wrong with that, long-time players of the franchise may prefer a different style of play.

Whether you are a veteran player or someone who just wants to try out a different control scheme, here’s a guide on how to use Classic Controls in World Tour in Street Fighter 6.

How to Unlock Classic Controls

Unfortunately, you can’t switch to Classic Controls as soon as you start the World Tour mode. The option becomes available only upon completing the first chapter.

When you hit the second chapter, a message will appear. It’ll inform you about the Classic Control scheme. That’s when you’ll be able to select either Modern or Classic.

In order to change your playstyle, open the menu and then go to options. Go to the Control tab and change the World Tour Control Scheme.

This design seems to serve the purpose of introducing Modern Controls to legacy players while gradually introducing new players to Classic Controls.

Are Classic Controls Better?

The Classic Control scheme provides you with significantly more control over your character. Unlike the three normal buttons in Modern Controls, Classic Controls offer six buttons.

These buttons correspond to classic light punch, light kick, medium punch, medium kick, heavy punch, and heavy kick.

Classic Controls make the game much more intricate.

Each button also has different variations when your character is crouching or jumping.

Additionally, there are other factors that can alter these attacks. For example, certain characters may execute different attacks during a neutral jump, while others may perform distinct moves when you hold either back or forward.

For instance, if you hold forward and press medium punch, Ryu will utilize an overhead attack, which is a move that enemies must block while standing.

Which Control Scheme Should You Use?

When deciding between Modern and Classic Controls in Street Fighter 6’s World Tour, consider your preferences and skill level.

Modern Controls offer simplicity and accessibility. They have three normal attack buttons. Although it’s less to keep track of, it also means you have fewer attacks overall.

The Modern Control scheme also introduces 1-button special attacks, which are usually less frustrating to newcomers.

Classic Controls offer precision and depth. With six attack buttons and variations for crouching and jumping, they allow for advanced techniques, combos, and strategic options.

Ultimately, the choice depends on your playstyle. If you value simplicity, choose Modern Controls. If you seek depth and flexibility, opt for Classic Controls. Make sure to experiment and find what suits you best.

What to Do Next

Choosing how you want to play is just one small part of learning all there is to know about Street Fighter 6. It’s a detailed game, with a lot of incredible systems and features.

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