You need cash to purchase gifts and clothes in Street Fighter 6, but it can take a while to gather a sufficient amount.

Fortunately, there are ways to obtain zenny in this game, but which one is more effective?

After attempting various methods, we’ve found a way to farm money in Street Fighter 6 quickly and easily.

Locate the Scrap Heap Minigame

Find Junkyard Smallz to initiate the Scrappy Metal Minigame. It shouldn’t be too hard to locate.

This place is a reference to Street Fighter 5’s Abigail and Street Fighter 2’s bonus stage. It is located to the south of Beat Square.

Be careful when going to this place since you might be attacked by members of the Mad Gear gang.

Once you’re finally there, you can talk to Junkyard Smallz to finally start beating up some trucks.

Initially, you will only be able to play it on easy mode, but this is more than sufficient. If you continuously hit the truck with a heavy attack on Easy, you can quickly destroy the truck.

If you have Ken’s and Marisa’s styles, be sure to utilize Ken’s medium punch to heavy punch target combo and then cancel it into Marisa’s special kick, Quadriga.

By doing this, you will manage to destroy the truck in less than 10 seconds, earning about 5,000 zenny each time you play this minigame.

In about a minute, you will have accumulated over 30,000 zenny.

This should be enough to accomplish a lot when you are starting the World Tour. Harder modes of Scrap Heap will be unlocked later at Abigail’s Scrap Metal.

These modes will grant you more money if you successfully destroy the truck, but it will be slightly more challenging since the trucks will have more weak spots.

Alternatively, you can make decent money by breaking boards near Chun-Li’s location, but it probably won’t be as fast as assisting Junkyard Smallz.

What to Do Next?

Most masters will be thankful after you gift them with pretty much anything. That said, some gifts grant more bond points than others. For instance, Ken Masters loves cook books for some reason.

It might be a good idea for you to check which master you want to bond with or whose alternative costume you want to unlock.

That way, you might be able to spend all that zenny on more than just clothes for your avatar.