Some characters rely on solid gameplay, while others rely on advantageous buttons.

However, when it comes to Ninjas in the Street Fighter franchise, they are usually highly tricky fighters who overwhelm their opponents with different attack options.

Therefore, it’s understandable to have trouble fighting Kimberly. She is tricky and annoying, but there’s a way to beat her, and you’re about to find out.

Tips and Tricks to Defeat Kimberly

Kimberly is an annoying and tricky opponent. There are several things to keep in mind when fighting her, and that’s what makes it difficult to react.

That said, there are some important points to understand:

  1. Be cautious of her drive kick, as it can run over you. If she hits you, jump just in case she tries to throw you. If you block, you have to guess whether she will dive kick, jump back, or grab you.
  2. Kimberly has two teleportation options: one that spawns her in her place with a dash forward and another that spawns her in the air for an aerial attack.
  3. The golden smoke bomb is the Overdrive version, and it will always result in Kimberly showing up on top of your character.

Kimberly is a fast and powerful character, but by understanding and countering her special attacks, you can defeat her.

Check below for clearer examples of how to deal with Kimberly’s most annoying attacks.

How to Deal with Kimberly’s Run

Kimberly represents the Bushinryu style in SF6, so it’s expected for her to have a run move. She has a slide, an overhead, an advantageous high attack, and she can cancel her run to grab the enemy.

This can be even scarier in the corner, but there is a method that often works. Although pressing a button can make her stop, it is risky. However, jumping out of the corner is usually a safe option.

Refer to this video for further guidance:

If you are not in the corner, a neutral jump followed by your crossup button (such as Ken’s jumping medium kick) might do the trick and even result in a Punish Counter.

How to Deal with Kimberly’s Forward Heavy Kick

Kimberly might pressure you by suddenly stepping on you, forcing you to guess if she is hitting your face, your back, or grabbing you.

Fortunately, there is a way to counter all her moves after that step kick, as long as you react in time.

Refer to this video for a visual demonstration:

You won’t be able to react to her jumping on you and stepping on your block, but you can throw a jab as soon as you block this attack.

The jab will be safe but will hit Kim if she decides to land near you after this heavy kick attack.

How to Stop Kimberly’s Teleport

Kimberly can teleport after a smoke bomb and appear right in front of you. If the smoke is blue, it means she will show up in front of you.

The Overdrive version of her attack makes her land on top of you. Although these attacks are tricky, if she decides to throw them out of nowhere when she is far, there is usually a way to deal with it.

Many characters will have a button that can stop both of Kimberly’s teleports.

Refer to this video for reference:

The idea is to look for a button that works in both cases. You will have to go to training mode and find it yourself, but usually, a long button with a high hitbox will do the trick.

Kimberly Doesn’t Have an Invincible Reversal

When you knock her down or put her in the corner, make sure to pressure her.

Watch out for supers and Drive Impact, but don’t fear her Overdrive Tatsumaki. Kimberly doesn’t have an invincible reversal special, making her more susceptible to pressure and frame traps.