Switch Sports has a customization system for avatars, but it is far from perfect. Many players look at their avatars and don’t see themselves represented.

There are not many different hairstyles, there’s only one body type, and it isn’t very clear if there is a way to change your gender in the game.

Although there is a way to handle it, it might not be exactly what many players expected. That being said, this guide has everything we know on how to change gender in Switch Sports.

Can You Choose a Gender?

Final Thoughts 1

Not really.

It seems that Nintendo wisely made it so that you can mix and match clothes, faces, and hairstyles in any way you want.

You don’t have to select a gender because it doesn’t matter to the game in any aspect. It doesn’t change how customization works, and it doesn’t change who you play against.

You can easily mix and match many different customization items to feel more represented by your avatar. You can also just create a cute little character that looks stylish to you just for the sake of it. 

Honestly, I find this choice surprisingly smart coming from Nintendo. After all, it ends up being a more inclusive way of letting everyone be themselves, or at least their avatar be whoever they want.

On top of that, you don’t have to stick with your chosen appearance forever. I’ve changed my avatar many times when playing the game. 

This is great for those who want to see themselves in their avatar. Whether they feel different in a day or they changed their own haircut, their avatar can be updated to represent them better.

You can keep changing your avatar’s appearance to what you prefer as many times as you want, but you might run out of options.

As mentioned before, the customization is somewhat limited, and you might have to grind a bit to get new items in Switch Sports.

You Can Use a Mii


When creating a Mii, you will be asked if the character being created is a male or a female. That seems to influence the available options for customization of face and hairstyle.

However, once you use that Mii in Switch Sports, by selecting it as a body type, that choice won’t matter anymore. It will once again become all about your customization choices.

The only difference is the fact that your avatar will keep your Mii’s face. Honestly speaking, I don’t like the way a Mii looks, and I don’t think it fits Switch Sports, but that’s me. If you want the old Wii Sports look, go for it!

Final Thoughts

Outfits Cover

Avatars are a means of self-expression, and there are many different ways of customizing them.

Fortunately, Nintendo came out with a customization system that seems designed to make things easier for everyone.

When you create your avatar, you’re able to customize their hairstyle, eye color, skin tone, and clothing. However, there is no option for customizing your avatar based on gender identity or gender expression.

You don’t have to check a box for your gender, and your avatar can wear any customization item you want. There’s no segregation here, and you can mix and match items at will until you have the perfect avatar.

 Customization is not great. There is just one body type, a few hairstyles, and some apparel options. However, it’s better than none. Well, at least I find it better than using a Mii.

 What’s more important is that developers have already made it clear they’re looking into adding customization features post-launch. You will have to unlock new outfits and hairstyles, but at least we know we are going to get more content.

Unfortunately, at least for now, we are limited to the launch and the two available collections.