Characters in Nintendo’s Switch Sports can display a lot of personality in the way they look.

The game has different clothes, body types, sports gear, and more. All to make you feel well represented by your own avatar.

Unfortunately, you don’t have many options for hairstyle when you start the game. The good news is that there are unlockable hairstyles, and we are going to help you get them.

Here’s how to unlock hairstyles in Switch Sports so you can make your avatar look precisely the way you want.

Play to Unlock New Items

Item Table

Hairstyles are customization items in Switch Sports. It seems that, when it comes to acquiring them, there is no real difference between hairstyles and any other customization item.

You still have to do the same thing and go through the same process to get any of them, and it is not always guaranteed that you will get your desired item.

Getting an item in Switch Sports requires playing the game and earning points. Once you reach one hundred points, you can choose a collection to get a random item from it.

Unfortunately, you don’t get to choose the item you want, just the collection. This means that there is a chance you will have to get one hundred points quite a few times before you get something that pleases you.

On top of that, you won’t always see a hairstyle that you want in the available collections. However, Nintendo updates them and changes the available collections over time.

How to Get Points Fast

Earn Points

You get points by playing, so queuing up for three different sports is the best way to guarantee that you will constantly be playing and earning points fast.

However, those points go through multipliers that change what you earn at the end of each match. While those multipliers depend on what you are playing, a win will always give you more points.

That being said, we have Switch Sport Badminton Tips and Soccer Tips for winning more often.

If you learn winning strategies and keep playing, you will significantly increase your chances of tailoring your avatar’s look to your taste.

 By queuing up for as many sports as you can, you will constantly get new items and therefore increase your chances of getting the hairstyle you want.

Nintendo Online Subscription


Unfortunately, unless you have an active Nintendo Online Subscription, you are limited to a maximum of two items per week.

This is incredibly frustrating if you don’t have any use for the items received. For instance, you might end up with two new stickers but no new piece of clothing or hairstyle.

On top of that, some collections of items are not accessible to those who don’t have an active subscription.

It might be revolting for some players, but that’s just how Nintendo’s online services usually work. There are good things about it, though. You have access to more games, a way to play online against people all over the world, and access to exclusive rewards.

Use a Mii

Use a Mii

Finally, you can always go old school and have your avatar be your Mii like in the good old Wii Sports days.

When customizing your avatar, go to body type. From there, you can select a Mii to represent you. Although the Mii won’t necessarily look exactly the way you want, it starts being more customizable than your average Switch Sports avatar.

You can just use your Mii until you have all the items you need to make your avatar look the way you want and then switch back.

Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts

Switch Sports lets you customize your character’s clothing, age, hairstyle, and more. It’s still somewhat limited, but within what is usually available in Nintendo games. 

Although this level of customization is not great, generally speaking, it still is better than what we had in Wii Sports. 

Switch Sports is a great game to play with friends despite its flaws. It has fun sports, incoming DLC, and a decent number of options for customization that Nintendo will increase over time. 

It would be nice if customization was better. However, the game’s primary focus is to be a party game, and I believe it definitely succeeds at that.