Looms are an important part of making many vanity items in Terraria. They provide utility at all stages of the game and are relatively straightforward to craft.

You shouldn’t confuse the Loom with the Living Loom, as these items are entirely different. The Living Loom is used to craft Living Tree-themed items and furniture, whereas the standard Loom is mainly used for vanity items.

Looms may seem like a pretty simple item, and to a certain extent, they are. However, it’s still essential to know how to make one and its use. This guide will walk you through how to make a Loom in Terraria as well as a Loom’s uses.

Loom Uses

In Terraria, a Loom is a crafting station used to make specific items. It’s predominantly used for vanity items. Despite being used primarily for vanity items, some items crafted at a Loom provide utility and are useful for game progression.

The most notable utility items that you can craft at a Loom are different kinds of Robes and the Goblin Battle Standard. Robes are fantastic early-game armor pieces for magic users, and the Goblin Battle Standard is great for farming coins or certain items.

There’s a Robe for each gem type in Terraria, but not all are of equal strength. The Diamond Robe is the strongest, increasing maximum mana by 80 and decreasing mana usage by 15%. At the other end of the spectrum, the Amethyst Robe is the weakest. It increases maximum mana by only 20 and reduces mana usage by 5%.


Crafting a Robe is straightforward: you’ll need 20 Silk. Then, to craft a gem Robe, you’ll need a standard Robe and 10 gems respective to the type of Robe you wish to craft. For example, a Topaz Robe requires 1 Robe and 10 Topaz.

The Goblin Battle Standard is a consumable item used to summon a Goblin Army. It is crafted at a loom using 10 Tattered Cloth and 5 of any wood type. Tattered Cloth is dropped by Goblin Scouts, and its sole purpose is the crafting of the Goblin Battle Standard.

However, this means that to be able to summon a Goblin Army, you have to have had one in your world previously. Therefore, its best use is for farming coins or Goblin Army-exclusive items such as the Shadowflame Hexdoll or the Harpoon.

Although making rope is straightforward, Silk Rope is an alternative accessible to you through a Loom. It is identical in function but has a different appearance. Crafting Silk Rope requires 1 Silk per 30 Silk Rope. This means that it’s very easy to obtain.

Making a Loom

Making a Loom in Terraria is a simple task; however, it does require a specific crafting station. You’ll need 12 of any wood type to craft a Loom. The needed crafting station is a Sawmill.

You can make Sawmills at a standard Work Bench with 10 of any type of wood, 2 Iron/Lead bars, and 1 Chain. Crafting Chain in Terraria is simple and only requires 1 Iron/Lead bar.

Alternatively, it’s possible to find Looms underground, in Underground Cabins. Underground Cabins are considered Treasure Rooms and are often themed based on the biome they are in. Additionally, the loot and chest types can change depending on the biome.

They are created at world generation, meaning there is a fixed number of Underground Cabins in each Terraria world. This number is also affected by the size of your world – as chosen at world creation – with small worlds having the least and large worlds having the most.

loom in cave

In order to obtain a Loom from Underground Cabins, you must use a pickaxe. The pickaxe power of the pickaxe doesn’t affect your ability to mine it.

Obtaining a Living Loom

Despite having a similar name, the Living Loom is entirely different from the standard Loom. Living Looms are primarily used to craft Living Tree-themed items and furniture.

Living Looms aren’t craftable – they can only be found or purchased. To find a Living Loom, you must explore a Living Tree,  a type of Treasure Room in Terraria. Not every world is guaranteed to have a Living Loom, meaning that you may need to create several worlds before acquiring one this way. They can be found in rooms that you must open the door to enter.

living loom

However, the Living Loom can also be purchased from the Steampunker NPC for 10 gold coins. It’s worth noting that, for the Living Loom to be available from the Steampunker, you must have a Living Wood Wand in your inventory.

Like Living Looms, Living Wood Wands can also be found in Living Trees – in the Living Wood chests within the trees. Additionally, you can acquire a Living Wood Wand from shaking Forest trees with a 0.3333% chance. 

To make shaking Forest trees easier, it’s worth considering making a biome, as this will mean that they are all in the same place rather than scattered throughout your world.


In conclusion, despite being primarily for vanity items, there are also a few utility uses for a Loom. It’s easy to confuse the Loom with the Living Loom, but it’s important to remember that they are entirely different crating stations.