Doors are a simple but essential part of your Terraria adventure. There are 25 types of doors in Terraria, with the majority of these being craftable. The 6 door types that aren’t craftable can be found throughout your world. 

Despite being easy to obtain and use, doors present a couple of uses that are crucial to success in Terraria. Doors are also fantastic decoration items and, due to the amount of variety of door types in Terraria, there is a door for every style of build.

Players, town NPCs, and some enemies can interact with doors – whether they are opening or closing them, or breaking them. This is a feature relatively exclusive to doors, making them quite a unique placeable item in the game.

Because of their unique features and prevalence in both utility and decorative buildings, it’s important to know how to open doors in Terraria.

How to Get Doors

In Terraria, some doors are more difficult to obtain than others, as a few aren’t craftable and can only be found in specific locations in your world. The doors that can be crafted, however, all follow the same straightforward recipe.

This recipe simply consists of 6 blocks of the item corresponding to the type of door you want. For example, 6 honey blocks are sufficient for crafting a honey door, the same way that 6 iron bars are enough to craft an iron door. 

Of the 25 types of doors, there are 6 that are not craftable. These are: 

  • Dungeon Door
  • Pink, Blue, and Green Dungeon Door
  • Obsidian Door
  • Golden Door

All of the dungeon door variants can be found in the Dungeon. Obsidian doors are found in the Underworld/Hell, in Ruined Houses. It’s worth noting that obsidian doors don’t disappear in lava. 

Golden doors are dropped by Pirates in the Pirate Invasion event. They are a good source of currency, selling for 2 gold coins per 1 golden door.

All of these doors present the same usage and functionality, meaning that the differences in appearance are solely for aesthetic purposes.

How to Use Doors

There are two aspects to using doors: how to literally use them and how to use them to aid your gameplay. 

Using doors is very straightforward. Simple right-click the door to open or close it. There is also an option in the settings menu that allows doors to open automatically when a player approaches them.

Additionally, a door can be opened and closed using a wire activation setup. Putting wire on the hinges of the door will allow you to toggle the open/closed status of it when activated.

activate door

As well as this, wires placed on the tiles adjacent to a closed door only have the ability to close the door – not open it. This is due to the fact that when opened, doors take up a wider space than when closed.

Doors are placeable anywhere, so long as the area is exactly 3 tiles high (with a roof and floor block). To be opened, however, there must be a 2 tiles gap in the direction of it opening. It’s worth noting that doors will open in the direction you are facing.

Another way to use doors will assist you in your Terraria adventure. Doors are a necessary part of creating NPC houses; without them, a house isn’t considered “suitable” for an NPC to move in. 

Doors can also be used to stop most enemies from entering an area – however, there are still some enemies which can break or open doors.

A couple of examples of enemies that can break down doors are Angry Bones and Butchers – with the ability to open doors in one hit – and Goblin Peons with the ability to completely remove doors upon contact.

Friendly NPCs will close and open doors as they walk around in the daytime. At nighttime, however, friendly NPCs stay in their respective houses and will not come out.

Lihzahrd Temple Door

The Lihzahrd Temple door is different from all the other types of doors. Despite being a naturally spawning door (similar to dungeon doors), it’s not as easy to obtain.

Naturally occurring at the entrance of the world’s Lihzahrd Temple, unlocking the Lihzahrd Temple door requires a special key. Without this key, you cannot enter the Temple and battle Golem.

The key necessary to open the Lihzahrd Temple door is the Temple Key. Obtaining this key is, in itself, a challenge. It is dropped by Plantera, a boss spawnable in the underground jungle biome, once all 3 mechanical bosses have been defeated.

It is worth noting that the Temple Key will be consumed when used. 

However, once the door has been unlocked using the Temple Key, it can be opened and closed, and mined and replaced, like any other door. Like the other doors, it requires a drill or pickaxe to be mined.

Lihzahrd Temple doors can also be crafted, but the crafting station necessary can only be acquired once the initial Lihzahrd Temple door has been opened.


In summary, there’s more factors to doors than what meets the eye and whether you are searching for them in a dungeon, or manually crafting them, they will be useful throughout the game.