It may seem like there’s nothing to do after defeating the Moon Lord in Terraria; however, this is simply not the case. There are a vast number of possibilities of things to do after the Moon Lord.

Once you understand all of the different things you can do after the Moon Lord, it may be difficult to choose which one to do first. Ultimately, it’s recommended that you do whatever is most appealing to you – after all, you’ve defeated the final boss. 

The challenges you set yourself after the Moon Lord can vary in difficulty; some are relatively easy, while others are challenging. With so many things to choose from, you can decide what to do after the Moon Lord in Terraria,

Purifying Your World

In Terraria, entirely diminishing Crimson or Corruption in your world can be a dream come true, and the freedom after defeating the Moon Lord presents the perfect time to do it.

Removing Crimson or Corruption can be challenging – particularly if you’ve made no previous preventative measures to stop its spread – but it’s not impossible.

Widely considered the most efficient and practical way of clearing your world of Crimson or Corruption is using the Clentaminator. The Clentaminator can be purchased from the Steampunker and uses different solutions as ammo. These solutions are also purchasable from the Steampunker.

clentaminator steampunker

The Clentaminator has a range of 60 blocks and requires Green Solution to convert a biome into Forest (the default biome in Terraria).

The Hallow is another evil biome that can be purified; however, many prefer to keep a biome of Hallow but remove its ability to spread by containing it. 

Fight Multiple Bosses 

In Terraria, there are ways to manually spawn each of the bosses, allowing you to fight them again after defeating them once. The ability to spawn a boss manually means that you can spawn multiple at one time.

This is where the challenge presents itself. After defeating the Moon Lord – the final boss in Terraria – it makes sense for the next step to be fighting more than one boss at a time.

A common challenge that experienced Terraria players do is fighting all three Mechanical Bosses (The Destroyer, The Twins, and Skeletron Prime) simultaneously. However, this is extremely difficult, even with the best gear. 


It’s worth noting that defeating Skeletron can only be done once per world – it can’t be resummoned afterward. This is the same for the Dungeon Guardian – a boss that will be discussed later. 

Complete Every Achievement 

Completing every achievement in Terraria is very prestigious. In total, there are 88 Terraria achievements that will display in-game and on Steam – meaning your friends will be able to see them.

Although you have likely completed many of them solely from your playthrough, this is still a difficult task. Achievements such as “Fast and Fishious” can be time-consuming but not especially, whereas others like “Infinity +1 Sword” are tough and time-consuming.

A benefit to trying to complete every achievement in Terraria is that it offers a variety of gameplay aspects and, therefore, won’t get boring or repetitive as some other post-Moon Lord tasks might.

Start An Expert Mode World

After beating the final boss in Normal mode, a logical next stage is starting a world in Expert mode. Expert mode can be selected at world generation and brings a new aspect of difficulty to Terraria.

expert mode

Expert mode makes enemies much stronger and makes them drop more frequent and better quality loot. The majority of enemies have double health, double damage, and take 10% less knockback.

On top of this, there are some items that are only available in Expert mode – most notably those that drop from Treasure Bags. Treasure Bags are consumable items that drop from every boss defeated in Expert Mode.

When consumed, Treasure Bags will drop rewards corresponding to the defeated boss. The drops will be the boss’s usual reward items and one Expert mode-exclusive item.

Additionally, Treasure Bags from hardmode bosses (except for Queen Slime) have a 5% chance to drop a random set of developer items.

Fight The Dungeon Guardian

The Dungeon Guardian is an enemy that looks like Skeletron’s head that protects the Dungeon from anybody trying to enter it, pre-Skeletron. It will fly at any intruder, dealing 1000, 2000, or 3000 damage (depending on whether you’re in Normal, Expert, or Master mode) upon contact.

This will instantly kill an unprepared player. The Dungeon Guardian is fast (traveling at 41 mph), large, and can travel through blocks. This means it is very difficult to kill and requires significant preparation.

Additionally, it can only be done prior to defeating Skeletron, meaning that you will need to create a new world in order to fight it. Attacks to a Dungeon Guardian will only deal 1 damage (or 2 for critical hits), regardless of weapon type and accessories. With the Dungeon Guardian having 9999 health, it’s clear to see why this is a challenge.

dungeon guardian

Upon being defeated, the Dungeon Guardian will drop a Bone Key. The Bone Key is a pet summon item that spawns a mini Dungeon Guardian that will follow the player.

Old One’s Army

The Old One’s Army is something you will have likely come across throughout your Terraria adventure but not explored too much. It’s a crossover event with Dungeon Defenders 2 and presents a challenge to players throughout the game – with 3 different stages depending on game progression. 

The three stages are after defeating the Eater of Worlds/Brain of Cthulhu (first tier), after one Mechanical Boss (second tier), and after Golem (third tier). They get progressively more difficult but allow you to get Defender Medals at a faster rate.


It can post a challenge for even experienced players, so it is the perfect event to tackle after defeating the Moon Lord. The Old One’s Army is, in essence, about fighting different waves of enemies to protect the Eternia Crystal.

Acquire Different Items

As you will have discovered throughout your Terraria journey, there are many items in the game. After defeating the Moon Lord, some people take it upon themselves to collect every item of each category.

These include weapons, armor sets, and accessories; however, some people go even further and try to collect every type of block or even every item.

Every Weapon

Collecting every item is arguably the most difficult of the three tasks: weapons, armor sets, and accessories. This is primarily because of the Zenith – a sword that requires many different swords from throughout the game.


In fact, crafting the Zenith is so complex it has its own achievement: “Infinity +1 Sword”. On top of this, the Zenith is only a sword – there are also bows, guns, yoyos, staffs, and several other weapon types to collect.

This is a great thing to achieve post-Moon Lord but can be quite time-consuming due to some weapons being very rare (the Slime Staff particularly).

Every Armor Set

Another common item-collecting challenge is collecting every armor set. This can be tough because of developer item sets. There are 17 developer item sets – each including an armor set.

A developer set has a 5% (1/20) chance of dropping from an Expert mode boss’s Treasure Bag. This means that getting every armor set can be repetitive because of the need to farm bosses in Expert mode.

Additionally, some armor can only be obtained as rare drops from particular enemies. Gladiator Armor is an example of this. Hoplites have a 1.67% chance to drop a single item from the Gladiator set. This means that getting this set alone is very time-consuming.

Every Accessory

Obtaining every accessory is widely considered the easiest of the three equipment categories. However, this doesn’t mean you should dismiss it – it’s still a considerable challenge.

Wings will likely be the biggest obstacle in acquiring every accessory as they generally require Souls of Flight to craft. 

Additionally, you will need to get the same item several times in order to have every accessory. This is because many accessories are made from a similar accessory of a lower tier.


Building is one of the most common things to do after the Moon Lord in Terraria. There are an infinite number of possibilities regarding building, meaning that post-Moon Lord, you’ll never get bored.

In Terraria, there are many different purposes for building, ranging from your NPC town to your boss arena. 

NPC Town

During your Terraria adventure, it’s likely that your NPC town was built on an as-and-when basis and is, therefore, not particularly visually appealing.

Now that you have beaten the final boss – the Moon Lord – there’s plenty of time to tidy up your town or even fully recreate it as you please. 

Many players stick to a theme when creating their NPC town, for example, jungle-themed or medieval-themed. 

Another common building theme is according to the biome each NPC is happiest in. NPCs are happiest in particular biomes, so building houses corresponding to their biome preferences is a great idea.

Boss Arena

Like your NPC town, your boss arena is also probably made from a solely practical standpoint. Now that you have beaten the final boss in Terraria, you could remove your boss arena. 

However, if you wish to fight the Old One’s Army or tackle multiple bosses simultaneously, you should consider rebuilding your boss arena – for looks as well as practicality.

Now that you have access to most items in the game and the experience of fighting every boss, you’ll know exactly what it takes, from defeating Skeletron to defeating the Moon Lord. 

Pixel Art

Pixel art is a great way to add flair and personality to your Terraria world. Whether you do it from your imagination or a tutorial, it’s a surefire way to keep you occupied post-Moon Lord.

It can be challenging at first while you get accustomed to the process of building pixel art; however, once you get used to it, it’s an enjoyable thing to do after defeating the final boss.

A common theme in pixel art is weapons or accessories within Terraria, although you can make pixel art of pretty much anything.

Fishing Biomes

Building fishing biomes is a great thing to do post-Moon Lord as it passes the time and has utility. Fishing biomes will help you gain items, complete the Angler NPC’s quests, and get every achievement. 

This means that, overall, fishing biomes are an almost essential feature of your Terraria world, and defeating the Moon Lord presents the perfect opportunity to build them.

Additionally, fishing is a must if you’re attempting to get every weapon, armor set, or accessory. Crates can provide the resources required for these quests, and fish can help make the potions if trying to beat multiple bosses simultaneously.


In conclusion, just because you have beaten the final boss doesn’t mean the game is over for you. There are many things to do post-Moon Lord – enough so that you won’t get bored of the game in a hurry.